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HPE Empowers OEMs to Accelerate the Benefits of Object Storage

Modern IT professionals are well aware of the aptly termed “Data Explosion” and shutter at the prospects of managing the rapidly expanding storage volumes that go with it.  For many use cases, object storage is increasingly becoming relevant to more OEMs as they look to scale out on their premise and hybrid storage solutions to address this growth. 

Object storage is well-suited for managing unstructured data such as media files, medical images, documents, and emails that may not be accessed frequently but need to be available on demand with low latency. This active archiving architecture is cloud friendly and enables on-premise and hybrid solutions with the same characteristics offered by the large, monolithic public cloud providers we all know. It is designed to scale out to huge volume in cost effective architecture. Cloud design for object storage is very much suited for wide interoperability and ease of use.

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It is the economics of scale and advances in technology that are increasingly making object storage a good fit for OEMs in many verticals like healthcare, security and surveillance, media distribution, IoT, and shared file storage.  With active archives at around 500TB the value of object storage starts to surpass other alternatives, and when scaling go up to a PetaByte and higher, provides excellent value.  This scale is increasingly relevant as well as cost-effective to OEMs. When considering a move to object storage, there are some basic questions to ask.  It also supports long-term data integrity, advanced search, security and other features, plus direct access to applications and the internet. The HPE Big Data Server Storage Ecosystem combines key software-defined storage partners with HPE test and validation experience and HPE Apollo Systems and ProLiant servers to enable customers to get the maximum value from their data with proven, tested and complete solutions.


Build or buy?

What is your organization’s experience level and desire to manage the software solution?  HPE has deep partnerships with leading alternatives on both sides of this coin.  For those that desire an off the shelf solution, HPE partners with Scality, the leader in software designed object storage.  The Scality Ring is an enterprise-grade platform that eliminates downtime, automatically rebalances to scale on demand, and is enterprise cloud ready with S3 optimized interfaces.  For those that desire to build their own, HPE provides the SUSE Enterprise Storage powered by Ceph open source technology.


What is your scale?

For OEMs looking to scale up to 500TB, the industry standard HPE ProLiant DL380 server provides the best price, performance, and expandability characteristics.  For 500TB and above, the density optimized Apollo 4000 systems provides excellent value with the Apollo 4510 specifically designed to provide the best value for object storage solutions at Petabyte scale.

OEMs that are experiencing massive growth in the size and complexity of their active archives need to investigate object storage and talk to HPE to see how can we help you accelerate the benefits.


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