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HPE Innovation Day on the Eve of Mobile World Congress Americas

Technology unites industries, blends cultures, and blurs the lines of disconnect. Each innovation inspires us to think bigger, bolder and brighter. Do you have thoughts on how mobile is crafting a better future? How about artificial intelligence, smart cities, and the future of connected cars?

Join HPE and its partner ecosystem at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas 2017 from September 12-14 for insights into next generation technology, strategies, and use cases to prepare your network for the speed and scale of billions.

Mobile World Congress 2017, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA, will showcase how the foundation of today’s world is creating a better future. At the first ever MWC Americas, leaders from across the industry will gather in San Francisco, California to discuss the impact of mobile in our everyday lives and the new opportunities and challenges it brings. Join thousands of mobile industry insiders and experience the emerging technology, enlightening conference sessions, and exhibitions. This inaugural year is going to be big: 30, 000 attendees, 1,000 exhibitors, 200 press and 50% senior level attendees are expected to be appearing at the event.

HPE Innovation Day - Panel and ReceptionHPE Innovation Day - Panel and Reception

On the eve of Mobile World Congress Americas, HPE is hosting an Innovation Day, an event for press and media to hear from companies deploying IoT platforms. HPE will talk about visions of IoT with reference to the HPE Universal IoT Platform and associated customers in the panel will talk about deploying the HPE solutions. The intent of the panel is for panel members to share their experiences, going beyond the slideshows to what they see and experience in IoT deployments. Panel members' companies represent some of the largest and most advanced deployments and pilots. Topics such as smart cities, personal security, video surveillance, street lighting, and water quality will be explored in relation to the Internet of Things. ..


MWC Exhibitions, Conference, and Summits

This exciting event will highlight core mobile technologies, consumer and industrial applications in the Internet of Things, the intersection of mobile with entertainment, content, media, and the leading role of the Americas region in driving global innovation. The MWC Americas exhibition will showcase 1,000 exhibitors through a combination of exhibition stands, pavilions, and hospitality space. The Conference at MWC Americas will feature thought-provoking presentations from some of the mobile industry’s most influential executives, who will share their visions of the mobile industry while providing essential insights on current and future trends. The conference will include a combination of keynotes, sessions, and summits, exploring the key industry trends and themes impacting the mobile market in the Americas.


 HPE will be at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017, Moscone Center, San Francisco, September 12 to 14, at Hall West Stand EMR.4. HPE officials and associated industry leaders will take the stage at MWC Americas to discuss, debate, and share strategies to future-proof Communications Service Provider (CSP) networks in preparation for 5G, IoT, Muti-access Edge Compute (MEC), and other disruptive technologies.

Time: Tuesday, Sept 12 at 10:00 - 11:00am 

Time: Tuesday, Sept 12 at 11:00 - 12:00pm


With HPE’s proven leadership in IT, telecom and open partner-centric solutions, HPE bridges the worlds of IT and Telecom, helping CSPs to increase their efficiency, agility, and innovation. HPE’s unparalleled experience in large-scale digital transformation makes it a perfect partner for CSPs.

Join us as HPE embarks on innovating and growing the mobile ecosystem in the Americas. For information, updates, insights, and more into how HPE will be accelerating the preparation for billions at Mobile World Congress Americas, follow @HPE_CSP.


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