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HPE Integrity Superdome X Offers x86 Economics and Hard Partitions for Database License Management

Groundbreaking x86 Availability, Scalability and Performance

Integrity Superdome X sets the bar for x86 availability, scalability, and performance, making it the ideal platform for consolidating data-intensive workloads and mission-critical applications.   The hard-partitioning model, unique among x86 servers, lets you support transaction database, application and analytics workloads in a single chassis.


Integrity Superdome X leverages and extends the advanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features of the latest Intel Xeon processors to ensure high uptime and resiliency for critical applications.  HP Labs testing confirms the platform delivers 99.999% single-system availability.  In addition, Superdome X is designed to never require a power-down reboot.


Integrity Superdome X supports up to 16 sockets for flexible, cost-effective scalability.   HPE internal analysis reveals the scale-up x86 platform offers 32 % lower TCO than IBM Power 8 and 45% lower TCO than Oracle Exadata for data-intensive applications.


Integrity Superdome X features a large memory footprint of up to 24TB to handle the most demanding workloads.  The system is ideal for running in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, SQL Server or Oracle 12c.

Database License Cost Management

The hard-partition capability is recognized by Oracle and other vendors that have core or socket-dependent licensing.  For the first time with x86 servers, database workloads can be deployed on the same chassis as other workloads without incurring license fees for all sockets on the chassis.   

Mission-Critical Resiliency with Industry Standard Efficiencies

Integrity Superdome X exploits a blade server design for ultimate flexibility, resiliency and economics.  Up to eight BL920 Gen8 or BL920 Gen9 dual-socket x86 server blades can be installed in an 18U Superdome Enclosure.  The platform features a high-performance crossbar fabric and leverages a unique hard partitioning technology—HPE nPars—that isolates workloads and pools resources across the system.  HP Labs testing shows HPE nPars improves the uptime of critical x86 applications by up to 20X compared with platforms that rely solely on software virtualization for workload isolation.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with HPE Integrity Superdome X

Want to bring x86 economics and efficiencies to your mission-critical solutions?  HPE Integrity Superdome X can help you reduce costs and boost margins without compromising the reliability, scalability or performance of your solutions. To learn more contact your HPE sales representative or authorized HPE OEM Distribution Partner today.


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