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HPE Joins Hands with Tata Communications to Build India's Largest IoT Network

IoT is widely adopted across sectors where enterprises and government agencies use it to monitor electricity, industrial machinery, and leakages in oil pipelines and even in improving the efficiency of electrical grids. Unlike GSM and WiFi networks, the LoRa network enables communication in deep water and up to 50 meters underground. This makes it suitable for use in metro stations and car parks with a strong signal of 15km range, cutting through up to seven walls inside buildings.

As part of a commitment to innovation and driving digital transformation globally, HPE supports highly secure networks to deploy IoT applications in India. Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a partnership with Tata Communications to support the roll-out of India’s first LoRaWAN (LoRa) based network during Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

LoRa is a wireless communication technology dedicated to the IoT / Machine to Machine (M2M) communications network. The network is super low-power, secure, and bi-directional communication solution. The first phase targets to cover 400 million people across major cities.

Through partner centric approach, the HPE Universal IoT platform enables Tata Communications to build multiple vertical use cases for its Indian IoT network on a common platform with a common data model. Tata Communications has selected HPE to be an integral part of its global cellular IoT connectivity services.

The association between HPE and Tata Communications paves the way for a new era in enabling devices with embedded connectivity for enterprise customer solutions throughout the country. The project involves connecting devices, applications and other IoT solutions over the LoRa network in smart buildings, campus, utilities, fleet management, security and healthcare services in nearly 2,000 communities, covering over 400 million people, making it the first-of-its-kind initiative in India.

Designed for massive scale, multi-vendor and multi-network support, using the M2M interoperability standard, the HPE Universal IoT Platform streamlines interoperability and management of heterogeneous IoT devices and applications that power the intelligent edge. The platform supports long-range, low-power connectivity deployments, as well as devices that use cellular, radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Recent enhancements announced for the HPE Universal IoT Platform include increased LoRa gateway support, enabling the use of multiple LoRa gateways with a common set of applications to simplify device provisioning and control in heterogeneous LoRa environments.


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