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HPE Launches New Industrial IoT Site

HPE provides leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to serve manufacturing, logistics, energy production, and other industries. HPE’s IIoT solutions help unlock siloed and new IoT data right from where it is created, reducing latency, increasing security, and delivering new value from operations. The Industrial Internet of Things represents over a $25B Addressable TAM this year, and HPE is strategically positioned to lead this market through a wide variety of IoT solutions, services, and partnerships. HPE puts IoT into action and powers the Industrial Intelligent Edge with the launch of the new Industrial IoT landing page – a website focused not only on showcasing IIoT solutions, services, portfolio, and resources but more importantly, telling customers’ successes. The case studies & portfolio highlights the solutions that help transform organizations to be IIoT-enabled & future-ready, outlining the value created for each client as a result.

The HPE IOT team takes a step further in showcasing IIoT customer success stories by offering potential customers an opportunity to see actual Industrial IoT solutions in action. The Refinery of The Future, an in-person tour through the manufacturing facilities of Texmark Chemicals, showcases how all IoT technology components come together in a real-world setting.

The team communicates a refined IoT point of view in the main IoT website, offering newer assets and collaterals while differentiating itself from the new Industrial IoT site. The web updates and new landing pages will be available globally. IIoT is not just about technology - it’s about capturing the data important to business and customers, gaining insights into that data, and using those insights to improve business results. Take a moment to visit the new site and learn more about HPE Industrial IoT solutions that help you connect operations and IT, protect data and devices, and compute new insights & transformative IIoT solutions.


Quick links to access the pages:

Revamped IoT website: www.hpe.com/IoT

New Industrial IoT landing page: www.hpe.com/info/IIoT

Refinery of The Future registration page:



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