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HPE Moonshot: A Tailor-Made Solution for OEM Partners

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Moonshot is an integrated server system with workload-optimized solutions for better business outcomes—delivered in a compact, powerful, and energy-efficient package. HPE Moonshot System is unlike anything that exists today. It is a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that delivers breakthrough efficiency and scale by aligning just the right amount of compute, memory, and storage to get the work done. The idea is elementary—replace general purpose processors with more energy-efficient Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) containing integrated accelerators personalized for specific workloads. 


The HPE Moonshot Chassis incorporates everything that is a shared resource in a traditional server—power, cooling, management, fabric, switches, and network uplinks are all shared across 45 hot-pluggable server cartridges in a dense form factor. This framework enables massive scale-out without a corresponding increase in complexity and management overhead. Since its introduction in 2013, the HPE Moonshot platform has dramatically evolved regarding features and performance. Examples include high core count Xeon SoC, next-generation integrated graphics, embedded HPE iLO 4 capability on every new server.


Delivering better business outcomes 

Get the right compute for heavy workloads at the right economics and get the most out of your infrastructure. With HPE Moonshot:

  • Realize breakthrough economics—Make better use of data center space and power while reducing complexity
  • Optimize application performance—Avoid paying for IT that is unutilized by using the best solution for your workload
  • Accelerate business innovation—Respond quicker to business needs and stay on the leading edge of technology


Custom made solutions for OEM partners in different verticals 

HPE Moonshot allows customers to deploy specialized workloads without the need for expensive, custom platforms.


Mobile Workspace solutions

HPE Moonshot for Application Delivery 

HPE help improves employee productivity by delivering a purpose-built solution designed for the new and evolving ways people consume applications. With HPE Moonshot, quickly scale to deliver a broad range of applications to hundreds or thousands of users. 


HPE Moonshot for Hosted Desktop Infrastructure 

Improve total cost of ownership and lower power consumption while delivering a dedicated, personalized PC experience. Users get exclusive access to a CPU, graphics processor, memory, storage, and network channel on a purpose-built server cartridge. HPE Moonshot delivers the business graphics and multimedia performance essential for today’s mobile workers.


Big Data and Analytics solutions

HPE Moonshot for NoSQL Apache Cassandra

HPE Moonshot for NoSQL Apache Cassandra with DataStax Enterprise allows handling large amounts of data effortlessly and predictably. Big Data technologies like Cassandra thrive on numerous small servers working in parallel. HPE  Moonshot provides an economical, energy-efficient alternative to rack-mount servers.


HPE Moonshot for Hadoop

HPE’s ground-breaking Big Data Reference Architecture (BDRA) reaps the benefits of an asymmetric Hadoop architecture, hosting all of your analytics applications on a consolidated data lake. Built on the HPE Moonshot platform and HPE’s Apollo storage servers, this flexible and elastic architecture independently define and scale compute and storage elements in a single, Big Data platform.


Media Processing solutions

HPE Moonshot for Video Transcoding 

HPE is redefining the economics of compute infrastructure for video transcoding applications by delivering HD performance with a 27X increase in streams per rack compared to traditional servers. HPE Moonshot enables expanded offerings and new formats, preparing for the future without the need to expand your data center. 


HPE offers variety of options to OEMs to help them evolve 

With a range of support services from HPE that not only address problems but also prevent issues, simplify IT operations, and position IT to enable business value, OEM partners can justify their customer needs right from the start. From flexible capacity consumption with comprehensive support across your environment to responsive hardware and software support and proactive services or even per-incident assistance, HPE is always there for its OEM partners.


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