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HPE OEM Continues to Strengthen its Industry Partnership with Konica Minolta

As part of the partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Konica Minolta (KM) was invited to take part in Discover 2018 Las Vegas. It was an edifying event, instigating insightful conversations about the future of work and required technology to support it, and HPE OEM was delighted to have the Workplace Hub as a key part of this.

Konica Minolta's goal is to become an IT solution provider for everything needed in a workplace environment - from engineering and design level to hybrid cloud innovation with the HPE OEM partnership. To target the small and medium business (SMB) market, Konica Minolta is expanding the number of partners that sell its printing solutions from being one of many alternative vendors to being the vendor of choice.

As per Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist- Digital Workplace Business, KM, the SMB market has been neglected for many reasons. That's where Konica Minolta help customers with the Workplace Hub offerings.  Leveraging Konica Minolta’s success and reputation within the traditional multifunctional product (MFP) market allows SMB’s, large corporations and key vertical customers in Industrial markets to consume IT services at reduced costs.

With the successful launch of the Workplace Hub, HPE expanded its partnership and will also be partnering with Konica Minolta in the provision of Hybrid IT Infrastructure solutions, Enterprise Software, Professional Services, platform management, and operations. The partnership will enable the next generation of AI-powered Cognitive Hub workplaces of the future.


What matters working with HPE OEM

When KM looked for a partnership with HPE OEM, it was not for a specific solution, it was more about finding somebody who shares the same vision, same strategy, and the same roadmap, hence it was a natural choice to work with HPE OEM.

The smooth IT workflow is the main issue customers face these days. Therefore, they need to work with somebody who knows how to manage IT. Together with HPE OEM, KM created Workplace Hub, which is the very basic IT operation platform. To do that, they need to have security, basic IT management, asset management, and all they need in a single box possibly. That's where KM works with HPE OEM using extensive server offering.

HPE was one of the first partners KM selected at the beginning of their work. HPE OEM has a future vision around IT, artificial intelligence, and edge computing, which KM embraced from the beginning. Therefore, finding somebody who could share the same vision has been fundamental to plan the future together.

 Check out the OEM YouTube Playlist for videos on this partnership.

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