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HPE OEM Empowers Datex to Enhance Privacy and Security for Data In Transit and at Rest

Data and cyber security at an enterprise level have recently been big topics of discussion, as we continuously hear about more and more data breaches jeopardizing people’s personal information. Data is in more places than ever before, and cyber criminals tend to lurk in dark places, not often making their interests obvious or their presence visible.

The main challenge is not the network breach; the matter is when it’s happening. Datastealth (Datex) is a next-generation data security solution which protects sensitive business data and reduces customer's annual audit scope by 95%. 

Datex is a software security company that was looking for a technology partner who will help drive business growth. They joined the HPE OEM partner program in 2014. From a technology standpoint, HPE has a differentiated value proposition with the trusted platform module and security software.

“From a technology standpoint, they have been a tremendous partner. From a resourcing standpoint, HPE brings the best talent in the industry; from a financial standpoint, with programs like GreenLake, it helps our customers and us”, said Allan Kennedy, Director of Channel Sales with Datex, in an interview at Discover 2018 Las Vegas. Watch the full interview below:

Datex is a software company focused on protecting enterprise data and documents. HPE OEM helps customers make IT more efficient, more productive, and more secure. Datex and HPE have worked together to design and deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that comply with the highest security standards.


How does Datex's technology work?

  • Network traffic routed through DataStealth
  • Aware of protocol, payload and data type
  • Data protection applied when traffic matches data policy
  • Inspect / Remove / Replace / Secure

HPE ProLiant servers running Datex software are a paradigm-shifting solution that protects documents owned by or stored within an enterprise. Together, this bundled solution balances privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements with the need for usability and accessibility.

“HPE OEM has been extremely helpful with regards to sales enablement, go to market strategy, and assisting us in growing our business.  From an HPE OEM standpoint, you're getting access to not only OEM resources, but the rest of HPE as well”, said Allen.


How essential is the HPE OEM – Datex partnership going forward?

According to Allan Kennedy - "From a partnership standpoint, we are exclusive to HPE technology. We're not looking at any other vendors. We see a tremendous amount of value in current HPE solutions, their view of the future, and bringing both of our solutions forward into the marketplace together. The HPE OEM relationship is probably the most important that we have in our business. It has driven our success. We're better as an organization today as a result of the HPE OEM program. By continuing, and collaborating with the HPE OEM team, we feel the future is bright for both Datex and our role within the HPE OEM program."

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