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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Solutions is at the forefront of digital transformation. As part of this, we will be having the HPE OEM Executive Business and Technology Summit (EBTS) in Tokyo, Japan and in Bangkok, Thailand on September 25-28, 2018. This invite-only event will allow customers to immerse themselves in the whole HPE OEM ecosystem, plus get OEM-centric content and networking with our executive team and OEM Experts. The latest HPE OEM technology and business applications will be showcased in this engaging event. OEMs will learn how to innovate faster, build bolder customer experiences and scale their business smarter, all on the latest HPE technology.


Why Executive Business and Technology Summit (EBTS)?

Enterprises face pressure from slow global growth and the pervasive threat of disruption. Research & Development, market research, and conventional data sources aren’t equal to the task – executives need to reinvent how they make decisions about innovation.

HPE OEM Solutions has a very long history of providing world-class and innovative solutions that are confronting OEM challenges. HPE OEM technology and applications in action will help identify the solution architecture and business models that drive growth. An invitation-only group of top executives from leading companies shares best practices and provides unparalleled networking opportunities that build on the collaborative partnership that defines HPE OEM successes.

The OEM Executive Business and Technology Summit include:

  • Series of OEM-centric sessions
  • OEM technology update and future-looking initiatives
  • OEM market trends and HPE HPE OEM Strategy and vision
  • Meetings with HPE OEM executives
  • Networking lunch and dedicated dinner
  • Curated OEM technology track sessions

Additionally, specifics around the Overall OEM Value Prop, Industry Applications, Technologies, and Competitive Advantages will be showcased, along with technology and industry topics that include Aruba applications, ClearPass, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security, Industrial Vertical OEM Solutions, Edge Compute, EaaS, and other major HPE OEM investment areas.

The Summit will help leaders use innovation to strengthen their competitive position towards gaining market share. It will help OEMs prepare for tomorrow, setting strategic plans for the next wave of innovation and building a long-term strategy and vision to achieve sustained growth.

The new OEM Executive Business and Technology Summit is yet another way HPE OEM believes in the collaborative spirit of our partners; we firmly believe that HPE OEM is the Solutions Provider of choice and that our ongoing EBTS meetings only galvanize that position in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in participating in future EBTS events, please contact paul_santilli@hpe.com.


Audrey Cox
WW OEM Communications & Brand Awareness
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