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The next generation of surveillance systems will collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data, placing unprecedented capacity and performance requirements on compute, storage, and networking resources. Data-intensive panoramic cameras, thermal imaging systems, and HD video and audio streams will demand more storage and bandwidth. Compute-intensive video analytics solutions will require higher-performing workstations and servers.

To take on the IP video surveillance market, a highly scalable, reliable and integrated technology solution is needed.  A global partner can help you take sales to the next level while ensuring the highest levels of product quality. With a strong focus on service and commitment to providing the best solutions available in the market, video surveillance companies continuously evaluate the latest technologies and deliver innovative solutions backed by world-class logistics. These companies develop value-added video management software and need reliable server platforms that are tailored to meet customer requirements and support to deliver worldwide.

Customers need security, surveillance, and analytical solutions that can help protect their people and their assets against an evolving world of threats. When staying ahead demands constant innovation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Solutions has the highly adaptable compute, storage, and networking resources to keep an eye on what matters.

HPE OEM and Venzo Secure Optimizing surveillance Systems

A lot of organizations that first moved to IP video, quickly discovered their plain vanilla video server couldn’t scale with performance. Every time they added a camera, video quality went down. With HPE, customers get a solution for optimized video that scales practically without limits. With those requirements in mind, Venzo Secure, IP Surveillance Solutions company selected the HPE OEM program to provide the platforms and services needed to support its software solutions. By partnering with HPE OEM, partners safeguard their end customers with solutions powered by next-generation video surveillance, data analytics, and hybrid cloud solutions. Partners also benefit from a simplified supply chain that offers cost control and risk mitigation, worldwide delivery, and access to global support from OEM experts.

Watch the video to learn how HPE OEM provides the backbone for security surveillance. VENZO Secure COO, Adrian Adolfsson, explains how their complex video surveillance solutions are enabled using HPE OEM technology, benefiting their cost-conscious customers that expect blue-chip value.



One more example of HPE OEM excelling video surveillance industry is iCetana, the world-leading provider of real-time AI-assisted video monitoring for a complex world. iCetana AI runs on HPE Edgeline system and helps see undesirable and abnormal events first. Icetana’s system solves the problem of massive video surveillance information overload by only showing surveillance operators those camera views where something abnormal Is occurring in real-time.

Lower your solution cost by building it on fewer, more powerful HPE servers and storage systems. For more information on HPE OEM’s Security & Surveillance and Improved IP-based solutions,  click here!


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