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HPE OEM Program supports Anritsu service assurance solution


In today’s mobile, digital age, telecommunications subscribers expect their smart devices to connect anytime, anywhere, to almost anything. They take it for granted. Yet for telecom operators, every day is a challenge to ensure service availability and quality meets these high expectations. That’s why many of the world’s largest telecom operators turn to Anritsu for network service assurance.

Anritsu, a multinational conglomerate, provides its customers with end-to-end service assurance and advanced analytics through intelligent monitoring of network and service quality against key performance indicators (KPIs). Anritsu is a market leader in the real-time automated discovery of subscriber impacting issues by leveraging its patented technology which drives eoMind, its flagship network anomaly detection product.

Though Anritsu can deploy its cloud-native solutions on any third-party cloud, many of Anritsu’s customers are still looking for optimized turnkey solutions which also include an infrastructure that will be reliable over many years of service, and expertly supported across the globe. Anritsu avails of the HPE OEM Program for this.

“We work with HPE because we trust them. Whenever we need to provide turnkey solutions to our customers, we resort to the best in the market as we are responsible for the overall solution delivery and quality and cannot risk unresponsive systems, faults, or a lack of expert support whenever we need it. The HPE program guarantees that we can deliver an infrastructure optimized for stability and performance. This is an essential component of the value that we deliver for our customers,” says Davide Motta, head of product management at Anritsu.

Working together synergistically, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and its OEM integration and distribution partner, Avnet Integrated Solutions, enables Anritsu to integrate and deliver its service assurance solution with carrier-grade HPE servers faster than it could under a traditional purchase arrangement. This accelerates responsiveness to new customer solution requests. “HPE OEM gives us the global reach to meet the product and service needs of our multinational customers more efficiently than we could on our own,” says Jörg Schneider, strategic accounts sales director at Anritsu. The program’s extended warranty terms on HPE servers also meet the longer deployment life of Anritsu’s OEM solutions.

The complete HPE portfolio is available to HPE OEM customers—and their end customers—in advance of general availability. Engineers have access to a knowledge base and road maps to future generations of HPE products and will be the first to test the products.

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