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HPE OEM Solutions: Here’s how you can help your logistics customers stay ahead of the curve


With the transportation industry facing multiple challenges and transformative disruptions, OEMs in this sector are at a crossroads. This blog talks about how HPE OEM can rise to these challenges & help your logistics customers stay ahead of consumer demand.

Transportation & logistics companies are under constant pressure to find innovative ways to optimize their operations in today's customer-centric, digitized society. Both individuals and businesses are expecting to get their orders faster, more flexible, and with more transparency, all at low or no delivery cost. However, simple logistics methods and transportation tools & algorithms are no longer enough to advance their offering and deliver faster than the competition. Therefore, logistics companies look for OEMs to deliver edge-ready technologies that can process data instantly where it is acquired, rather than having to pay extra costs and additional time for data center computation. By partnering with HPE OEM Solutions, you can offer specialized edge-ready technologies that turn data into actionable intelligence, enabling instant, automated decision-making, and optimizing supply chains.

Many logistics customers may have the expert business intelligence to mine a vast data lake, but they may not be experts when it comes to applying AI to their systems and making use of the data. Such insufficient in-house digital skills, therefore, becomes a challenge in meeting company objectives. Hence, there is a need for transportation solution providers to offer technical support. HPE OEM Solutions understands these challenges. Customers partnering with HPE OEM can draw on the experience and gain expertise that HPE has gained from years of OEM collaboration. With our global support team at hand, your business is equipped to offer consultancy and support to your customers across the world.

As processes are being automated to improve logistics networks, the potential cyber-attack surface is expanding. Therefore, solutions providers need to keep a security-first mindset. Customers collaborating with HPE OEM Solutions get access to HPE ProLiant Gen10 server that keeps your cybersecurity in check. The server has a patented Silicon Root of Trust, which creates an immutable fingerprint that verifies the firmware code is valid and uncompromised, so the server won’t boot with compromised firmware. With our IT infrastructure, your business is armed with the latest innovations to prevent, detect, and recover from potential security attacks, allowing your business to innovate with minimized risk.

Many transportation solution providers have partnered with HPE OEM Solutions to take their innovations to new heights. They utilize HPE's ecosystem of world-class IT solutions, services, specialists, and supply chain to overcome industry challenges, accelerate new opportunities, and transform innovation into enduring success. With an HPE OEM Solutions partnership, your business can focus on adding value to products, while we take care of the rest.

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