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HPE OEM helps ARIA Cybersecurity expand offerings with new solutions


Data and cybersecurity at an enterprise-level have recently been big topics of discussion, as we continuously hear about more and more data breaches jeopardizing people’s personal information. ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a business of CSPi Inc., recognizes it better and believes that a more effective cybersecurity strategy starts with a smarter approach. Their solutions provide new ways to monitor internal traffic while capturing and feeding the right mix of analytics to security tools like SIEMs or our ARIA ADR solution to substantially improve threat detection and surgically disrupt cyberattacks and data exfiltration. To expands their offerings with new solutions, Aria recently decided to collaborate with HPE OEM partner program-  Combining ARIA’s solutions with HPE ProLiant servers delivers the ideal solution for supporting data-intensive applications, including network monitoring, cyber-attack detection and network policy enforcement.

The necessity for complete visibility and access to data is crucial for improving overall security posture, business operations and rapid analysis.  By leveraging SmartNIC technology, the amount of space and power draw is dramatically reduced, typically allowing them to pay for themselves in a few months. Deployable in any PCIe slot, the Myricom SmartNICs paired with the ARIA SDS applications provide organizations with cost-effective options for complete network visibility, packet analytics, encryption key management and automated threat detection, ideal for solving many challenges related to 5G deployments.

For example, the ARIA Packet Intelligence (PI) application monitors traffic across the entire network - on-premises, cloud and remote devices - and generates enhanced analytics for all data packets, making it possible to timestamp, index, count and store every, or select, packets. That application also classifies the network traffic and takes actions to protect critical applications.  The ARIA KMS application generates hundreds of keys per minute, providing complete encryption and key management server capabilities.  Finally, the ARIA ADR application provides automated, AI-driven cyber attack detection and response to identify and contain all network-borne attacks, including zero-day.  

“Data security is one of the most important technology topics in the industry today and we look forward to be collaborating with ARIA Cybersecurity, which offers advanced security and threat detection options,” said Phillip Cutrone, vice president and general manager of Service Providers, OEM and Major Accounts at HPE. “By combining HPE ProLiant servers, the world’s most secure x86 industry standards server and most trusted brand, with end-to-end data protection from ARIA Cybersecurity’s software-defined security solutions, end customers gain a robust secure platform to easily monitor and manage their systems as their data and assets scale”, he further added.

Read the full press release HERE.

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