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HPE OEM helps Imagine Communications achieve zero latency

When Imagine Communications was looking for a solution to help broadcasters store recorded content and distribute it via multiple channels, HPE's OEM program came to help. The company is now able to develop its applications on HPE servers and storage solutions with HPE Pointnext services. This has further helped Imagine to offer zero-latency and reliable performance for broadcasting content in multiple formats, including over the air, cable, satellite, web, and mobile.

For Imagine Communications, the biggest challenge was that every customer had unique workloads, requiring each server to be configured with the right mix of network interface cards, CPUs, graphics accelerators, and other core components. Hence, custom-configuring servers in the factory could have added substantial lead time, and risk missing critical deployment deadlines. The bigger challenge was to anticipate customer needs by building fully configured servers in advance, which could have left unneeded systems aging on the shelf. However, now with the HPE OEM program, Imagine has a solution that brought greater predictability, more efficient inventory management, and faster time to market.

Having a trusted partner in HPE OEM Solutions has increased confidence within the company, helping Imagine Communications extend its offering on a global scale. It has accelerated time to market, increased revenue, and allowed it to provide differentiated services. “I am excited by this next generation of servers. Because of the nature of the broadcast business, some things will go to the cloud, but some aspects will need to remain on-premise. Enabling our customers to gain the experience of cloud computing with the security and control of a data center – that’s invaluable", said Dr. Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, CMO, Imagine Communications.

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