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HPE OEM partnership played a key role in OmniPlayer's business expansion


The broadcast media industry is constantly evolving, and broadcasters must adapt to the new challenges. The Dutch developer of market-leading radio automation software, OmniPlayer, provides you everything you need for professional audio management & also fixes common challenges involving dead air. OmniPlayer delivers complete, ready to run solutions for its radio customers, and partnering with HPE OEM enabled OmniPlayer to accelerate delivery of playout, logging, and monitoring solutions for radio broadcasters.

The HPE OEM Program simplifies the supply chain, allowing OmniPlayer to focus on its core business and enabling them to scale its business internationally. “As an OEM partner, we get a lot of special attention from HPE. They share knowledge about new hardware and guidance on what products to choose. We have price stability, longer warranties, and global support. That gives us confidence when selling to customers, especially as we expand into Europe", said Harold de Groot, Chief Executive Officer, OmniPlayer.

The HPE OEM partnership has played a key role to expand the company's business across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and elsewhere. "We need a partner like HPE, with a presence in all those countries and a complete set of infrastructure hardware we can get from one vendor. That simplifies our supply chain and allows us to focus on our core business", Groot said.

Every organization has its own set of challenges. HPE OEM, with decades of experience, enables innovative businesses to harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technology by tailoring these standard solutions per OEM customers’ requirements. OEM partners get access to the full portfolio of HPE servers, storage and networking technologies, from high-performance mission-critical computing to wireless network security to IoT edge solutions.

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