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HPE OEM program goes strong with new Gen10 servers -The World's Most Secure Server

HPE’s core focus has always been to deliver world’s best secure industry standard servers for software-defined compute and converged infrastructure to run diverse workloads and applications across traditional and multi-cloud environments. And with the recent addition of GEN 10 servers in the portfolio, HPE has set a benchmark which indeed is going to benefit its OEM business. HPE’s Gen10 servers also will be a key component of HPE's new compute experience for accelerating applications and business insight. HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers are designed to simplify Hybrid IT by providing the agility of a modernized infrastructure, the security to protect digital assets, and the economic control to pay for only what is used.


So what’s the new offering?

Most Secure Industry Standard Servers

  • Unmatched threat protection through hardware root of trust, extensive standards compliance, and supply chain attack detection.
  • Unparalleled ability to recover firmware and OS after denial of service attempt or detection of compromised code.
  • Advanced System Management with HPE iLO 5


Unprecedented High-Speed Memory Capacity with Persistence

  • High capacity data acceleration with flash-backed Persistent Memory at multi-terabyte capacities for large data-intensive workloads.
  • Second generation of memory-centric compute innovation on the path to The Machine.


Intelligent System Tuning

  • Performance tuning to enable more workloads on more cores at a given CPU frequency for greater application licensing efficiency.
  • Predictable latency reduction and balanced workload optimization.


New Levels of Compute

  • Next generation industry standard CPUs with faster processing, higher speed memory access, enhanced software-defined management and security.
  • Enhanced GPU levels of performance and choice.


Increased In-Server Storage Density

  • Substantially greater NVMe capacity for large write intensive workloads needing advanced caching/tiering.
  • Enhanced storage density in servers with more SFF and LFF drives for collaboration and database workloads.


More Efficient and Easier Server Management

  • Enables large-scale FW deployment.
  • Improved GUI to simply management with industry standard APIs.
  • Easy system debug
  • Convenient warranty entitlement validation.


How Gen 10 holds an edge over its successor Gen9?

  • Up to 25% performance increase bin-to-bin with 150W processors and DDR4-2666 memory over Gen9 blade servers.
  • Up to 65% more performance with 1.6M IOPS from Gen10 storage controllers
  • Up to 26 cores per processor achieve the highest blade compute density over prior generation blades.
  • Reduce IT deployment, maintenance time and support costs with HPE OneView 3.0 and software-defined templates to automate new server deployment.


Enhanced with an extended purchase lifecycle and extended warranty the HPE ProLiant OEM Gen10 server provides OEMs a trusted server platform to build their solution around. Designed for supreme versatility and resiliency while being backed by a comprehensive warranty make it ideal for multiple environments from Containers to Cloud to Big Data.


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