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HPE OEM’s optimally configured hardware powers ABB's performance to meet customer requirements


ABB is a global leader in providing industrial control and automation solutions to diverse industries such as life sciences, food and beverage, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, and others. Built on ABB’s industry-specific software, these operationally critical systems are essential to keep its customers’ production and revenue flowing. However, ABB needed the right hardware technology to deliver optimal performance and reliability. Hence, it partnered with HPE OEM to acquire fit-for-purpose servers that ensures quality and cost-effectiveness in their critical process control solutions.

HPE OEM enables ABB to assure its customers of long service life and global support for the servers running their mission-critical industrial process control and automation solutions, avoiding costly and disruptive updates to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.

According to Peter Ahlström, Global Product Line Manager, System 800xA at ABB, with the help of HPE servers, ABB can provide its customers “with hardware that lasts 5–7 years or more, which avoids business disruption and keeps costs down”. He further added, as an HPE OEM Partner, ABB does not only get “access to HPE technologies, but also HPE engineers who collaborate with us on specifying the best server configuration to match our solution requirements and our customer’s budget”.

One of the major benefits ABB acquires from the HPE OEM team when it comes to answering questions or providing technical guidance is responsiveness. Ahlström states that “responsiveness is something you should expect, but don’t always get from other vendors”. However, with HPE OEM, “we are at “peace of mind that we can get our customers the answers they need. And since I don’t have to spend time chasing people down, I can focus more time on other” more crucial things.

ABB is working closely with HPE to provide its customers with solutions that generate actionable insights from vast amounts of industrial data to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their operations and create a competitive advantage.

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