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HPE Partnerships Drive IoT Gateway for Industrial Edge

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to add nearly $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, according to Accenture. Arguably the most significant driver of productivity and growth in the next decade, the Industrial IoT will accelerate the reinvention of sectors that account for almost two-thirds of world output. The industrial, municipal and power generation market is mutating, and highly regulated industries are demanding safety, security and operational excellence. Real-time information for better business decisions is critical to operational success.

To address this need, Wunderlich-Malec Engineering (WM) and OSIsoft announced VIP (Virtual Information Portal) Tower, an IIoT gateway solution for the industrial and municipal markets. Created in partnership with OSIsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) and Arrow Electronics, VIP Tower is a market-ready solution that plugs into all existing data infrastructures.



The operating landscape for today’s industrial and municipal segments is rapidly changing. Aging infrastructure and new demand sources continue to add complexity to everyday tasks and drive the need to find tangible business value in existing assets. Federal mandates are changing how municipalities operate. To deliver reliable output without compromising safety and cost, utilities and large end users must provide 24/7 monitoring of their assets and embark upon digital transformation.


The Solution: VIP Tower

To help customers make timely, data-driven decisions, Wunderlich-Malec created the VIP Tower solution. The VIP Tower helps companies digitally transform their operations by allowing them to visualize their assets via OSIsoft’s PI System.

The VIP Tower brings together two software and two hardware companies dedicated to the long-term success of the industrial marketplace. The system is fully scalable. The combined software tool is standardized on an HPE GL20 Industrial Gateway, so it is accessible from even the most remote locations and can easily connect with multiple analytical software packages. Arrow Electronics, a global technology solutions provider, is providing custom assembly, packaging, and go-to-market services. From “sensor to sunset,” Arrow’s expert packaging and value-add integration provided WME with comprehensive and tailored IoT support to help WME get this product launched. “Working with Arrow Electronics was an easy decision for WM because we want to ensure a successful product launch and go-to-market strategy,”  said Joel Gil, VIP Services Business Manager at WM.

 The HPE GL20 IoT Gateway is a mid-level rugged compute solution designed to operate in industrial environments such as manufacturing, smart cities, or oil and gas. It enables customers to analyze data streams in real-time so they can make sound decisions with reliable analysis. Customers can take full control and adapt to changes quickly. They can also review and address scenarios from any part of their business, giving them the power to stay agile and tackle issues if they arise.

The VIP Tower enables industrial workers to make real-time decisions related to maintenance, compliance and other factors at the edge, connecting previously unconnected assets to boost operational visibility. Potential uses for VIP Tower include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • power plants
  • water municipalities
  • remote pump stations
  • smart building applications
  • oil and gas / pipeline applications

 The VIP Tower is designed to improve local process efficiency, asset lifecycle management, and service quality. “We are excited to see a market solution that is targeted to a real business need and delivers robust functionality for processing data at the edge while harnessing the capability of the HPE GL20 gateway,”  said Matt Quirk, Business Planning & Strategy OEM, and IoT GTM at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


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