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HPE Synergy - The Next Big Thing for the Enterprise Data Center

Big shifts are happening in enterprise data centers to simplify the way applications deployed and to reduce technology complexity to serve the business better. To address this need for simplicity, many industries are beginning to look at “infrastructure as code” deployment approaches that are made possible by an emerging category of products called composable infrastructure. 

Enterprises need to gain efficiency, control and deploy IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any application. HPE Synergy is a composable infrastructure designed to support high wattage & high core count processors that have yet to come to market.

HPE’s Composable infrastructure claims to cut data center costs and slash the time it takes to spin up new applications. It combines storage, compute and network equipment in one chassis, along with management software that can quickly configure the hardware automatically to provide just the resources needed to run an application.

HPE Synergy's unique built-in software intelligence, auto-discovery capabilities, and fluid resource pools enable customers to instantly boot up infrastructure ready to run physical, virtual and containerized applications.

HPE is aiming the product initially at large enterprises that want the flexibility of cloud infrastructure but don't want to move applications in the cloud, perhaps for security or compliance reasons. It's eyeing big companies in areas like finance, healthcare, and insurance as good candidates. 

Synergy is the next step in the evolution of converged systems, in which customers buy a preconfigured, virtualized infrastructure. But converged systems are limited by the physical hardware in the box, says Paul Durzan, HPE vice president for Infrastructure Management and Orchestration Software.

Why choose HPE Synergy over other vendors?

QLogic Corporation chose HPE Synergy over other vendors, because:

  • They have an aging architecture with an uncertain roadmap for the future
  • They do not offer a true composable, unified architecture like HPE Synergy
  • HPE Synergy’s new design has the best ability to support future technologies and scale that is required (storage & network bandwidth).


HPE Synergy - Success in action

HPE Synergy helps organizations across diverse verticals and geographical locations solve their IT challenges and meet their business needs.

  1. Maximizing the impact of genomics research

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology conducts data-intensive genome research with demanding infrastructure requirements. With HPE Synergy, HudsonAlpha can balance cost and performance requirements and enable a dynamic, flexible, cost-effective infrastructure, resulting in higher staff productivity, more efficient IT operations, and a five-year ROI of 247%.

  1. Transforming travel into a software-defined destination

Leveraging the composable infrastructure of HPE Synergy, global travel industry technology provider Travelport helps its customers deliver booking options with up to 30% faster response times.

  1. Slashing server deployment times

Bechtle Hosting and Operations wanted to upgrade its customer offering and streamline its internal platform management and provisioning. Automated processes and composable computing helped Bechtle to reduce provisioning from nine hours to 55 minutes and enable self-service VM deployment.

  1. Giving customers the availability they need

Symmetry, app management, and the cloud hosting company ensure it has the scale and capacity to respond to the hyper-growth needs of its customers with HPE Synergy.


Redefine Service Agility with Synergy Composable Infrastructure

Today’s on-demand applications and elastic services require highly adaptable and programmable IT infrastructure.  Whatever your cloud strategy, HPE Synergy can help you accelerate service agility, contain costs and gain a competitive edge.

Watch the video, an episode of HPE OEM Connect, in which Phillip Cutrone give details of HPE Synergy's main features.


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