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HPE helps DreamWorks Animation Bring Imagination to Life

What do the affable characters and much-loved films such as Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon all have in common? They are inspired and brought to life by the creative artists at DreamWorks Animation, with help from the cutting-edge technologies of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In animation, clarity of communication is a must to keep the audience engaged.  Put simply, animated movies are computer-generated (CG) digital files created by a group of artists, engineers, and writers at studios like DreamWorks Animation.

Making a CG animated feature film means creating the world from scratch. A 90-minute animated feature film, at 24 frames per second, has approximately 500 million digital files. That requires a massive amount of compute power, storage, and seamless networking to ensure its timely delivery to theatres. The data analytics handles the workflow to allocate more bandwidth, more storage, more compute, and that preserves a huge challenge for the company. HPE helps DreamWorks Animation craft the infrastructure and handles that amount of compute and storage desired across the entire enterprise.

Since 2001, DreamWorks Animation partnered with HPE for the technologies that power their filmmaking process. Recently, DreamWorks Animation turned again to HPE for a new wave of technology advancements to maintain a leading position in the animation industry. The enterprise leveraged HPE technologies for unsurpassed CG production values as well as business operational efficiencies. “Partnering with HPE ensures DreamWorks Animation the confidence in networking needs to enable artists and engineers with unbound creativity and flexibility,” says Keith McKay, Network Operations Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation.

Understanding the importance of a robust wireless environment, the California-based studio retooled its entire campus network to create a mobile, collaborative environment using HPE Aruba solutions. DreamWorks Animation outfits entire 11-acre campus with seamless connectivity to support employees everywhere onsite and in remote offices. DreamWorks Animation expanded its indoor and outdoor network with Aruba to tackle some key challenges including:

  • Identical user experience for fixed workstation and mobile device users
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor user experience
  • A solution that fits into the existing networking platform
  • Outdoor APs must blend into the environment aesthetically

As the leader in outdoor Wi-Fi, HPE Aruba provides the best outdoor solution with required reliability, scalability, and ease of deployment, whether for large, high-density areas like public venues or smaller environments like campus courtyards or parking lots. The company also provides mobility access switches that enable role-based network access for wired users and devices; and remote access points, which offer wired and wireless network access, zero-touch provisioning, role-based access control, policy-based forwarding, air monitoring, and wireless intrusion protection.

DreamWorks Animation is also using Aruba AirWave to give the IT team visibility into potential network connectivity issues before they happen. Aruba AppRF provides information regarding the usage and performance of mobile and web applications, so the studio makes quick decisions for prioritizing business-critical apps when needed. Finally, the Aruba Network Protector SDN Application helps DreamWorks Animation automate network assessment and real-time security across the SDN-enabled network.

HPE Synergy is the composable infrastructure foundation on which DreamWorks Animation builds automated provisioning workflows. It also gives DreamWorks Animation the ability to allocate fluid pools of server, storage, and networking resources flexibly to different workloads at the push of a button. HPE 3PAR provides all-flash storage enabling immediate online access to movie assets in production. HPE Pointnext delivers strategic collaboration for a new world of dynamic filmmaking.

ClearPass is also one of the key components for DreamWorks Animation - it enables the implementation of secure, role-based access to the corporate network and remote offices. With large volumes of mobile devices connected simultaneously, enabling context-aware policy management that automatically grants or denies users access privileges based on business and security rules, was a huge benefit for the company.

With the new HPE Aruba infrastructure in place, accompanying the existing slate of HPE servers, storage and data center solutions, DreamWorks Animation is confident to meet the needs of their creative community of users and better support the company’s business goals. HPE helps to upgrade the productivity, flexibility, and speed of movie-making through a pool of innovating technologies.

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