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HPE helps Eni deploy world’s most powerful industrial supercomputer

From the earliest days of supercomputing, the oil and gas industry has led the commercial sector in its demand for High-Performance Computing (HPC). Energy companies were the first to cross the petascale threshold for the industry, and now they are looking to the exascale horizon.

Following the same path, the Italian multinational oil giant Eni launches its new HPC4 supercomputer at its Green Data Centre in Ferrera Erbognone. The new hybrid HPC cluster provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) quadruples the company’s computing power and makes it the world’s most powerful industrial system. The system has a peak performance of 18.6 Petaflops, which when combined with the supercomputing system already in position (HPC3) increases Eni’s computational peak capacity to 22.4 Petaflops. Located outside Milan, the new HPC4 machine scans oil and gas reservoirs deep below the Earth over thousands of miles.

Eni’s Green Data Centre is designed as a single IT infrastructure to host all of HPC’s architecture and all the other business applications. The new machine hosts the ecosystem of algorithms developed by Eni to support its activities in the exploration and production sector. In the risky and competitive energy exploration space, operating the latest HPC tech is essential for high-accuracy, high-resolution seismic imaging, geological modeling and reservoir simulation.


The investments devoted to reinforcing the supercomputing infrastructure and the development of algorithms are a significant part of Eni’s digital transformation process, “ Eni Chief Executive Officer Claudio Descalzi said in an interview.

Designed by HPE, the new cluster encompasses 1,600 ProLiant DL380 nodes, linked with EDR InfiniBand. Each node equipped with two Intel 24-core Skylake processors and two Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU accelerators. The new system will be working alongside a high performance 15 Petabytes storage subsystem.

The HPC3 and now the new HPC4 supercomputers provide strategic support to the company’s process of digital transformation across the entire value chain within Eni’s Green Data Centre, from the exploration and development phase of oil and gas reservoirs to the management of the big data generated in the operational phase by all their productive assets.

In line with environmental sustainability, the new HPC4 have been engineered to ensure the maximum level of energy efficiency to minimize CO2 emissions and operating costs.” To know more about the new machine, watch this video.


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