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Heras streamlines acquisition of stable infrastructure to run continually evolving digital security


Intelligent, automated fence detection is just one of many digital advancements in the perimeter security business. Today, Heras provides a wide range of next-generation digital security solutions, including biometric access control, automated license plate recognition (ALPR), digital cameras, and perimeter laser scanners. For each customer, Heras builds its own private network and data infrastructure—there is no connection to the internet or any external network to avoid the risk of cyberattacks. Some installations are highly complex involving multiple systems, such as digital cameras, access control, and perimeter detection, all networked together and sometimes integrated with other business systems. The underlying infrastructure for these critical digital security systems must be stable, with a service life that extends many more years than typical IT infrastructures.

In a security world now dominated by technology, such demands require strong partnership with trusted technology providers. That’s why Heras participates in the HPE OEM program and works with its trusted local partner, ACES Direct, for product acquisition and solution integration.

Becoming an OEM partner with HPE was a crucial step for Heras, not just for gaining highly stable technology products, but also for better global price stability. That’s important because most projects involve a public tender and decision cycles can sometimes be many months long. According to Martijn Leertouwer, product manager for Heras, "We can count on ACES and HPE to respond with the right technology to meet our needs. This partnership helps strengthen our position in the market and ultimately enables us to give our customers better service".

Moreover, now that Heras is expanding to markets outside its home base in the Netherlands—to date including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK—global warranty service is essential to ensure continued customer satisfaction. Leertouwer further said, “Being an HPE OEM partner helps ensure that the price we quote is the price we can deliver. Because we are now doing business in multiple countries, we can also assure all our customers of getting consistent, high-quality technical support from HPE”.

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