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Physicians spend too much time documenting patient data, which significantly reduces the amount of time they can spend to treat patients. Therefore, the healthcare system must do what they can to reduce the burden on physicians and other clinical staff, which will eventually improve operational efficiency, enhance clinical collaboration, and meet patients' needs. In healthcare, there's a tremendous opportunity to automate the collection of information and improve the overall quality of care in hospitals.

HPE OEM program leverages enterprise intelligence on the IoT and hybrid cloud infrastructure to provide simplified & streamlined healthcare processes in an automated and accountable fashion. From the lab to the clinic to the operating room, healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) customers require innovative technology that few OEMs deliver. 

In recent times, the healthcare industry has undergone significant changes in the way patient information is gathered, stored, and retrieved. HPE Healthcare IT solutions enable the industry to leverage technology and manage data, resulting in cost and time savings, while increasing the overall quality of care provided. HPE OEM Solutions understands the changing needs of healthcare IT. See the example below to further understand how HPE’s integrated medical solutions support its OEM partners & help them succeed in the healthcare market:

  • GE Healthcare: GE Healthcare, a leader in medical imaging, has many advanced capabilities around the visualization of scanned images. However, GE encountered a problem in managing all the scanned images and computation required to convert data into 3D visualizations. HPE OEM partnered with GE to provide a scalable server that is expandable, depending on how much computational requirement there is.

For example, when GE introduced a new scanner that could spin around the patient in 0.28 seconds, it was looking for an IT specialist that could instantly transfer all the data without dropping a byte and run intensive mathematical computations to convert it into 3D images. HPE OEM architected a custom IT solution to pair with the scanner.

HPE built a firmware controller for GE that has sustained performance & also future expandability. With 12 GPUs, the system reconstructs 3D images instantly before storing them for future reference.

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