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Here's how HPE OEM has helped IoT.nxt to reach new markets


With the widespread adoption of IoT technology, more organizations are looking forward to rapid deployment as they want to achieve real results and return on investment in a short time. With the market for IoT enterprise software growing at such a speedy rate, IoT.nxt has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM to combine both technology and their software Raptor™ edge device, run on HPE’s Edgeline gateways.

The partnership between HPE OEM and IoT.nxt has enabled the latter to get reliable hardware and global reach, thereby driving business outcomes. According to Joe Bester, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Europe and UK operations, IoT.nxt, "The ability to integrate the capability of the Raptor™ on HPE server platforms allows us to reach new markets and expand our global footprint. This partnership, like the many others we have entered into in the past year, will ensure that we achieve real results”.

HPE Netherland's Chris Hoogeveen, on the other hand, said, "IoT.nxt offers their customers a unique solution in creating a digital overview of their organization. The innovative compute-at-the-edge Edgeline-series of HPE provide an underlay to this solution. Together we are offering an end-to-end solution for our joint customers to benefit from, addressing faster intelligent decision making by giving better insights from the data collected without disruption of business operations.”

IoT offers the ability to connect the unconnected, collecting and delivering significant volumes of real-time insight—the kind of insight that can help identify opportunity, drive efficiencies, and fuel intelligent business decisions.

A core challenge OEMs face is the scale of that data. You must not only store it, but also make sense of it. Aligning with an infrastructure partner who can integrate IoT devices and enable the storage and compute required to capture their value is the difference between business innovation and missed opportunities. When developed and integrated with HPE expertise and word-class support, IoT becomes a versatile tool that can improve industrial operations, enhance enterprise workflows, and connect across dispersed facilities.

Learn more about the collaboration between IoT.nxt and HPE OEM Solutions here.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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