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Here's how HPE OEM has helped Relimetrics & Ariston gain competitive advantage


Every year, HPE Discover events bring together customers, partners, technologists and journalists under one roof to discuss successes and what new products and services will be coming ahead. Last year, the two-day action-packed event at HPE Discover More Munich was a big show, featuring live demos, thought-provoking sessions, networking opportunities and expert breakouts. We also had many of our esteemed OEM partners showcasing their solutions at the event. Hence, discussing further we’re glad to introduce two OEM customers- Relimetrics and Ariston Vertriebs GmbH and how this OEM partnership has helped them accelerate innovation and reach new markets.

Relimetrics: With the help of HPE OEM solutions, Relimetrics can now meet the demands of the manufacturing floor at the edge, with speed and accuracy. The company uses HPE Edgeline EL4000 that helps them run competitional expansive machine learning calculations, thereby attaining a very high level of accuracy in terms of probability of detection. "Our customers are fully satisfied. One great example is our implementation at e.GO, where we have a Rhelimetrics solution deployed at the e.GO manufacturing line to inspect the quality audit at the end of the line", said Kemal Levi, Founder and CEO at Relimetrics, Inc.

"We have a hardware-agnostic solution that uses a single camera looking at the car seat mirrors and we provide the customers with real-time inspections of the car seat mirrors, using AI-based video analytics technology. HPE OEM has the required expertise to help us build end-to-end solutions at the edge", he also added. Watch the video below to know more.

Ariston: According to Jasmin Spaeter, the Head of Sales at Ariston, "Ariston is a gold partner with HPE. HPE OEM is really important to us and also to our customers. I would say, there are 3 main facts that are really special to us- price stability, care pack registration, and long life cycles. HPE OEM is flexible and helps us with configurations which makes it all easy. OEM has helped us create this run rate business". Watch the Ariston video below:

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