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Here's how HPE OEM helped MBX accelerate go-to-market with quick turnaround on custom-branded bezels


Software companies are in business to develop and sell software. Few, if any, want to get involved in the hardware side of things—the time and expense of manufacturing would steal precious resources away from ongoing innovation, and worldwide distribution for a small enterprise may be out of reach. That’s why software companies turn to MBX Systems. MBX specializes in helping technology innovators deploy their products on the optimal hardware. And for a majority of software developers, HPE is the server brand of choice. As an HPE OEM Integrator Partner, MBX combines its in-house engineering expertise with unique access to HPE products and engineering talent, which enables them to recommend and configure hardware platforms that precisely match each software company’s technical requirements. The end result is an integrated hardware/software appliance, ready for market. MBX can also help customers leverage HPE’s worldwide distribution capabilities, as well as HPE Pointnext for global support.

Through the HPE OEM program, MBX Systems enables software companies to get long-life, optimally configured hardware for their products, providing the stability of world-class HPE technologies with custom bezels to promote their own brand, plus the HPE distribution and support network to extend their reach around the world. According to Jamie Carruthers, Director of Marketing, MBX Systems, “HPE has done a fabulous job building brand loyalty. Before our HPE OEM relationship, there were certain markets that wouldn’t even talk to us if HPE servers weren’t available for their software. Being an HPE OEM Integrator has opened up many new business opportunities for MBX".

The HPE OEM program has brought a range of benefits to both MBX and its customers. Visibility and access to the HPE portfolio and road map enable MBX to recommend HPE hardware with confidence that it will provide long service life and ensure stability for the customer’s software product. In fact, many software companies won’t even consider a hardware solution that isn’t built on HPE technologies.

"Through our website and the HPE OEM program we can provide customers very quick turn-around. Instead of 12 to 16 weeks to create a custom bezel through traditional channels, we can deliver in two to three weeks. That helps software companies get to market more quickly with the branding they want", Carruthers further said.

For more information on HPE OEM and how to engage, read here.

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