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Here's how HPE OEM helps Harmonic deliver premium-quality live video streaming & broadcast solutions


The media & entertainment industry has gone through disruptive transformations over the last 20 years. Millennials, nowadays, spend more time streaming content than watching it on television, while more than 20 percent of them prefer viewing shows on their mobile devices. If you enjoy streaming video, whether on your TV or smartphone, there is a good chance you need to thank Harmonic- the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services. That’s because, behind that content streaming on your device, there is a sophisticated digital compression, media processing, and delivery technology pioneered by Harmonic, built on reliable, high-performance HPE ProLiant servers. As an HPE OEM partner, Harmonic gains the advantage of global product distribution and warranty support, along with the HPE’s reputation for high quality, reliability and security to solidify its leading position in the industry.

This HPE OEM partnership has helped Harmonic integrate HPE ProLiant DL360, DL380, and DL20 Gen10 servers with extended service life to power its video streaming appliances and controllers. HPE OEM also provides Harmonic with global distribution and warranty support to serve customers responsively and efficiently. According to Stephan Cloirec, vice president of video appliance product management for Harmonic, explains, “We sell a premium solution, so there was no doubt we had to choose a vendor with the same high standards of product quality and stability as Harmonic. HPE meets the technical requirements and also provides support on a worldwide basis. All that considered, HPE was a natural choice for us".

As an HPE OEM partner, Cloirec points out that HPE provides warranty coverage for three years, with local service technicians available to handle typical on-site repairs and replacements, maintaining customer satisfaction in Harmonic. The HPE OEM Solutions also provides Cloirec and his team with early access to new generations of HPE technology, enabling Harmonic to continually evolve its solutions to compete effectively. “We want to stay on the leading edge, not be six months behind the market. By keeping up with the latest generation of processors and memory to get the highest performance, we can stay ahead of the competition", he further added.

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