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Here's how HPE OEM helps Sync-n-Scale to ensure UTC Accuracy at the virtual machine level



Sync-n-Scale recently collaborated with HPE OEM Solutions to ensure Universal Time Clock (UTC) Accuracy at the virtual machine level across industry verticals, which highlights the impact in the financial services industry. This global OEM agreement aims to integrate Sync-n-Scale's precision computer timing solution with HPE ProLiant and HPE EdgeLine servers to support applications across hybrid cloud and intelligent edge computing. 

The Sync-n-Scale enabled HPE Servers has helped financial technology artificial intelligence applications run on Windows Server Hyper-V, meeting the most stringent Financial Regulatory clock accuracy requirements. “A Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Compute Platform running Windows, Linux, BSD virtual machines and containers needs Sync-n-Scale’s precision timing solution which includes use of industry-leading HPE Servers for UTC Accuracy, NIST Traceability, and Assured Timing", said Charles Ulland, Managing Director, Sync-n-Scale.

Designed to deliver performance, resiliency, and versatility for supporting advanced applications, HPE ProLiant is the world’s most secure industry-standard server, while HPE Edgeline servers converge operational technology, such as data acquisition, control systems, and industrial networks, with enterprise-class IT in a single, rugged system suited for harsh edge environments.

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This year, Sync-n-Scale made a significant presence at the HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas, showcasing live demos and interacting with thousands of visitors. To know more about Sync-n-Scale's offerings at the Discover 2019 show, click here.

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