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Here’s how HPE OEM is transforming the server experience with new customer-inspired innovations


Today, there's an increasing need for video surveillance due to public safety and security. However, with the increasing use of cameras around the world, a massive amount of video data generated pose some serious IT challenges on the back end. Large venues like airports and stadiums may have thousands of cameras, which can strain typical white-box video servers and result in poor image quality. Therefore, the current wave of video surveillance storage can sometimes be strenuous and critical, especially when it comes to big consolidation projects.

Organizations require an infrastructure backbone that can not only store large volumes of data, but also be easy to deploy, manage, and scale-locally or across the globe. Because a surveillance system runs intensive management software and has to store large amounts of data, the servers you choose for your surveillance system are very important. When it comes to reliability, HPE servers are transforming the server experience with new customer-inspired innovations. Don't believe us? Hear it out from our partners.

VENZO Secure, the IP Surveillance Solutions Company, partnered with HPE OEM to gain access to a very wide portfolio of some of the best servers and storage in the marketplace today. According to Adrian Adolfsson, Chief Operating Officer at VENZO Secure, “It’s a business advantage to our customers and us because HPE OEM gives us the ability to bring new products to market faster". “HPE OEM has been a strong supporter of our business since day one. It’s in their DNA. I would recommend anyone considering an OEM relationship to investigate partnering with HPE because HPE OEM will back you up, give you great advice, and support the product you deliver", Adolfsson further explains.

With the help of HPE OEM, partners can safeguard their end customers with solutions powered by next-generation video surveillance, data analytics, and hybrid cloud solutions. Partners also benefit from a simplified supply chain that offers cost control and risk mitigation, worldwide delivery, and access to global support from OEM experts. Customers need security, surveillance, and analytical solutions that can help protect their people and their assets against an evolving world of threats. When staying ahead demands constant innovation, HPE OEM Solutions has the highly adaptable compute, storage, and networking resources to keep an eye on what matters.

For more information on HPE OEM’s Security & Surveillance and Improved IP-based solutions, click here!

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