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Here’s how HPE’s as-a-Service 5G portfolio accelerate telcos’ path to revenue growth


The hype surrounding 5G communications is understandable as there’s much reason for it. This new generation of wireless technology is picking up the pace with every passing year & its advent will involve telecom companies tackle their network-related challenges. With this, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has recently unveiled a new portfolio of as-a-service offerings to help the telecommunications industry build and deploy open 5G networks. This means the telco companies will now find effective ways to utilize 5G and grow their businesses with cloud-native software stacks designed for 5G cores.

This portfolio of offerings will allow telco organizations to incorporate more automation, become more agile, and deploy new 5G services faster across the telco core, the telco edge and into the enterprise. According to Phil Mottram, the VP & General Manager of the communications and media solutions business unit at HPE, "Openness is essential to the evolutionary nature of 5G and with HPE 5G Core Stack telcos can reduce operational costs, deploy features faster, and keep themselves open to multiple networks and technologies while avoiding being locked into a single vendor approach".

The new HPE 5G Core Stack provides the telco customers with the core network capabilities required to rapidly deliver new 5G services to subscribers and enterprise customers. It further helps the telcos extend the 5G footprint to the enterprise edge where people, devices and things interact to drive positive business outcomes by allowing seamless access to Wi-Fi connected users and IoT devices.

HPE has long been a partner for OEMs in the telecom & the media markets, and their powerful solutions built for an edge like rugged HPE Edgeline servers can quickly be configured with right data to meet your needs. By partnering with HPE OEM Solutions, you can draw on the experience and expertise that HPE has gained in the industry. Our OEM Solutions allows you to innovate faster, power edge analytics, and minimize risk. Click here to know more.

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