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Here's how IoT's energy-efficient machine-to-machine communication is impacting the Telecom sector


Internet of things (IoT), without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the most impactful technological evolutions of today. It is transforming our lives largely by serving an ecosystem, thereby interconnecting physical objects and systems to perform tasks smartly. In fact, IoT is fundamentally changing the way we do business by substantially influencing many industries, including healthcare, transportation, consumer electronic, and even the telecommunication sector. IoT is changing the way telecom sector works, helping telco organizations enable real-time equipment monitoring.

According to a survey done by Gartner, "20 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020, putting service providers in a race to tailor their strategies, data services, and telecom infrastructure to make the most of this trend". Like in many industries, service quality and reliability are some of the core aspects of the telecommunication industry. With the help of IoT, telecom companies can deliver high-value, scalable data-driven services that prioritize cost and convenience.

Telecom organizations can rely on IoT to ensure efficient network design and optimization. Thanks to its efficient machine-to-machine communication, telco organizations can now provide low power WAN in IoT devices for various applications. IoT can also help business leaders to acquire critical data, thereby developing information pools with the data collected by IoT sensors. This collected data can further generate analytics that helps in gaining crucial business insights.

We, at HPE, have long been a partner for OEMs in the telecom markets, and we are now ready with powerful solutions built for the edge like rugged HPE Edgeline servers that can quickly be configured with the right data to meet your needs. It also ensures your global reach to help you serve and support your customers wherever they are, enabling you to innovate faster and grow your business.

By collaborating with HPE OEM, Telcos can support an infrastructure serving customers globally on technology innovation such as data analytics and IoT. To read more about HPE OEM & its offerings, click here.

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