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Here's how partnering with HPE OEM helps in content delivery & pushing the limits of communication


The emergence of digitalization has transformed the media sector into a broader content service industry. Hence, there is always a need to produce hi-quality content and ensure that it reaches your audience, which has become a major challenge in the media industry. This rising demand of providing good content & streaming from multiple devices at any time and place is putting pressure on OEMs to innovate. Therefore, OEMs need to adapt rapidly to help content providers meet the emerging needs of their audiences.

While streaming media continues to challenge traditional content creation and distribution models, HPE OEM helps in accelerating how the communications and media industries make global connections. Partnering with HPE OEM helps content delivery providers streamline production, content creation, and workflow, thereby ensuring satisfactory customer experience. This is because HPE OEM has the resources, experience, and expertise to design and construct the infrastructure you need to evolve, succeed, and profit in the rapidly evolving media business.

One of the biggest success stories come from Starfish Technologies, a UK-based TV technology pioneer that helped content providers worldwide with their digital transformation. With the help of HPE OEM, the company expanded beyond its initial software-only offering. HPE OEM enabled Starfish Technologies to deliver systems solutions consolidated on HPE OEM servers, configured to address the unique needs of each customer.

The media and entertainment industry continues to transform at an accelerated pace. By partnering with HPE OEM, companies are not just able to focus on their core innovation, but also enhance the user experience for customers. Click here to read more.


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