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Here's why you should build a customized product experience with HPE OEM Solutions


When it’s time to take your innovative solutions to the market, choosing the right OEM partner can have a profound impact on your business success and profitability. HPE OEM helps you tackle challenges around advanced technology, global support and supply chain. OEM partners get access to the full portfolio of HPE servers, storage and networking technologies, from high-performance mission-critical computing to wireless network security and IoT edge solutions. With this, HPE OEM helps them create new services faster, build intelligent edge solutions, and minimize risk.

According to Scott Beard, OEM product manager, HPE, "An OEM customer wants to be able to market their brand. We have a process in place to rebrand the actual server to meet the customer specifications. Our end customers need to put their own look on the product. They've invested a lot of money and time with their customers to establish their brand so we give them different opportunities to showcase that in the products".

With HPE factory customization, we provide everything- from hardware, racking, cabling and imaging to flexible branding options. This service approach lets the OEM partners embed or integrate their brand where and how they want it. Customization begins on the factory floor where OEM solutions are assembled, benchmark tested and asset tracked. There are 3 levels of branding, the first one being the standard unbranded option that is a white box solution backed by the strength of HPE technology and support. To learn about the other levels of branding, watch the video below:

At HPE OEM, we work with you to build the complete customized product experience with your choice and branding options. With HPE OEM Solutions at your side, you’ll accelerate new opportunities, rapidly adapting to meet the evolving demands of your customers.

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