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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Helps Consultancy Firm Transform Business

HPE OEM partner Epicon is a perfect example.  The Australian company began operations as a consultancy firm helping enterprises implement HP hardware and software solutions.  Working closely with large IT organizations, the firm realized many CIOs lacked a cohesive view of their IT environment.  Sensing a major business opportunity, Epicon developed the Data Center Management Appliance (DCMA)—a turnkey solution delivered on HPE BladeSystem server and storage technology that gives IT executives full visibility into their operations in concise, meaningful business terms.  Epicon’s management software improves operational efficiency through tight coupling with HP IT Operations Management software.   Customers apply the solution to ITIL processes such as release management and close link incident processes.

Epicon leveraged the HPE OEM to bring the new product to market quickly and cost-effectively. The appliance is factory integrated, fully tested and distributed by HPE.   “Our team are highly skilled experts and we want them to stay focused on doing what they do best and addressing customer challenges,” explained Yair Tzur, Managing Director for Epicon.  “Given our long history with HPE and understanding of its hardware and software, we knew partnering with HPE would allow us to retain this focus, accelerate our growth, and transition from a services business to a product one.”


HPE OEM helped Epicon rapidly scale their new product-focused business.  The solution has been deployed by major enterprises throughout Australia including federal agencies, airlines, major banks and communications service providers.  Based on the enormous domestic success, Epicon now plans to take the product internationally.  HP OEM's global distribution capabilities and cross-border purchasing and transfer of service options will help the firm efficiently expand their business beyond the Australian market.


HPE and our OEM Distribution Partners have the stable server, storage and networking platforms, dedicated engineering resources and global supply chain and support services you need to take sales to the next level.  We take care of the underlying technology platforms, so you can focus on enhancing your IP and expanding your business.

Looking for innovative ways to expand your business?  Contact your HPE account manager to make sure you are taking full advantage of all the potential benefits of HPE OEM.                                    

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