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Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM Solutions Creating Enterprise Agility

One of the most significant challenges for OEMs is that they need a supplier that provides excellent support on a global basis, top quality products at competitive costs and ease of doing business. Apart from this they also need a supplier that understands the unique needs of an OEM such as advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization, and third-party integration. 


What HPE’s OEM Solutions Offer

HPE has six decades of experience as an OEM supplier. HPE portfolio has the complete end to end logical solution with -

  • Increase profitability
  • Design increasingly competitive solutions
  • Stay focused on enhancing IP - not subsystems
  • Drive cost and complexity out of integration, logistics, and fulfillment
  • Minimise disruption during the product lifecycle


Various Integrated Solutions by HPE for OEM vendors

  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure: Combining cloud with on-premises IT brings unparalleled flexibility and scalability to your business. However, the resulting hybrid IT environment introduces complexity that can impact productivity. HPE software-defined solutions reduce operational friction, offering a cloud-like experience across the entire infrastructure. With software-enabled automation and simplified hybrid cloud management to streamline and speed operations, focus on new projects that deliver a competitive edge.
  • Protect your digital enterprise: The threat landscape facing the customers is evolving daily, primarily as the way work changes to encompass much higher mobility and all types of the cloud environment. Proliferating apps, new models for IT consumption, and an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, all make IT security a top of an agenda item for almost every end-user organization.
  • Enable workplace productivity: In an increasingly digital, mobile world your customers are looking to deliver a modern workplace that’s fit for purpose, more amenable to work in and provides the right environment to drive up productivity. HPE can accelerate your success in app development, mobility and collaboration projects designed to deliver rich user experiences to employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Empower a data-driven organization: The Idea Economy is built on data and the ability to convert information assets into actionable insight. HPE can help you to take control of growing data volumes, manage it more cost-effectively and deliver complete confidence in compliance and governance.


In this market, the critical factors to address include security integration into every aspect of infrastructure and processes, real-time intelligence enabling proactive and rapid response to eliminate or reduce the threat, right security expertise to stay ahead of the risks, and robust and built-in resiliency to overcome threats as they occur. HPE's OEM solutions can help you protect customers with solutions that have security built-in, that proactively detect and manage risks while safeguarding business continuity and compliance.

Working with HPE can make it easy for OEMs to meet rising stakeholder expectations for any time, anywhere connectivity. Allow them to take control of every device connecting to the customer network to deliver a seamless, secure experience. Overcome inflexible networking and infrastructure without compromising investments.

OEM Solutions at HPE for workplace productivity focus on excellent user experiences around the application and data access and performance simplified control over even the most complex environments, and open standards to enable the flexible workplace designs.

With HPE, overcome customer issues around siloed data, isolated analytics projects, inadequately tracked and indexed data and poor flexibility when it comes to using data for dynamic business needs. HPE OEM helps you to unify data infrastructures, design optimal data solutions based on HPE and best-of-breed technologies, minimize time-to-value for high benefit data-driven projects and protect data with industry-leading, holistic data security solutions.

OEM Solutions at HPE help you to discover the value of data within customer’s environments and use this insight to plan better business outcomes. Use HPE OEM’s technology and expertise to build data-centric compute systems optimized for high-performance and in-depth analytics.

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