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Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Strategy: Plan for the big picture

In the 19 months since the company split from its sister consumer business, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has been in an almost constant state of refining its strategy. HPE wants to own the next generation of infrastructure management. And a big part of that is what HPE is calling a whole new type of infrastructure dubbed “composable".


Hyper-converged and composable infrastructures - HPE’s big focus

 HPE Hyper-Converged solutions combine intuitive software with the reliability of a world-class platform. IT can now become an internal service provider with cloud-like simplicity for your business. HPE’s overall strategy has been narrowed to focus on three core areas:

  • One is hybrid IT: HPE wants to help customers build private clouds on next-generation infrastructure that integrates with public cloud resources.
  • A second broad focus area is the “Intelligent Edge,” which encompass technologies related to the Internet of Things.
  • Finally, the third pillar revolves around services and help customers execute projects in the first two areas.

One perception that HPE struggles with is the notion that it doesn’t have a public IaaS cloud to compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. HPE Senior Vice President and General Manager of the company’s Software Defined and Cloud Group Ric Lewis says, “despite public IaaS cloud getting the lion’s share of attention, that misses how important private cloud is.” Private cloud and on-premises infrastructure is the market that HPE wants to own, which includes helping customers manage their use of public IaaS cloud resources. This strategy will not be easy though as a host of other legacy enterprise infrastructure vendors are vying for the same prize, including Dell-EMC, Cisco, and IBM.


The Next Big Wave - Hyper-converged Infrastructure

On the immediate horizon for the next-generation enterprise, data center becomes hyper-converged infrastructure. HCI typically delivers a package of pre-compiled servers, network, and storage components in a single engineered offering. It opposes end users in buying them separately and configuring them.


The Future- Composable Infrastructure

HPE is unique in the market offering composable infrastructure. Composable infrastructure has three components:

  • Fluid pools of computing
  • Storage and network capacity to be provisioned as needed
  • The software-defined intelligence that controls them; and an API to access it


Composable systems will likely have much of their success initially with larger enterprises who have complex software environments. If you have a complex enterprise software system and are looking for ways to streamline constantly-changing infrastructure resources, then composable infrastructure makes more headway.

A new article from Network World offers an inside look at HPE next-generation infrastructure and details why hyper-converged and composable infrastructures are the big focus. Read here!


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