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How OEMs Benefit from HPE Hybrid IT

Whether you are a brewer, a research consortium, a bank, or an energy company – whether you are big or small, every business is experiencing some digital transformation. Customers in the midst of digital transformation look first to the public cloud when seeking dramatic simplification, cost, utilization and flexibility advantages for their new application workloads. However, using public cloud comes with challenges, and it is often not as easy as advertised. Moreover, it is not always possible or practical for enterprises to retire their traditional, on-premises enterprise system still running the company’s most mission-critical workloads. Hybrid IT  – a balanced combination of traditional infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud – is the answer.

It is by leveraging applications that the best businesses transform. Conversely, those that lack the expertise to develop and deploy applications are left behind. So how do companies get the flexibility they need from IT? How do they seamlessly transform their IT organizations so that they can develop the applications that will change line-of-business (LOB), create new revenue streams, and offer more value to their customers? The right mix of Hybrid IT can help you transform into an IT organization that can modernize traditional applications, keep current applications updated continuously, and keep new applications flowing into the marketplace.

See excerpt from our conversation with Rod Anliker, Chief Architect, Hybrid IT, OEM Group highlighting how Hybrid Cloud Transformation can change the game. 


  1. As far as Hybrid IT is concerned, how HPE can fill in the need for OEM vendors?

Digital transformation is accelerating the need for hybrid IT. The term hybrid IT is not just a moniker for private and public cloud IT mashed up together. Instead, it is an operating paradigm that enables IT to address the needs of an expanded group of constituents that includes not only IT operations staff but also application developers and LOB executives. HPE Hybrid IT optimizes traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure to optimize workloads. We enable OEMs to deliver bundled solutions that are cost optimized, carries their brand and makes it easy for their end customers to deploy private clouds. In environments that extend beyond the data center, we work closely with our OEM customers to create solutions that maximize the client's intellectual property. An excellent example of this is Konica Minolta where we took their multifunction printer and combined it with the capabilities of the HPE OEM server. Transforming from a traditional environment to a digital organization often means your apps live in multiple data centers, across various clouds and at the edge of your network. Hybrid IT merges on-premises IT with the cloud to deliver many advantages, but it can also introduce new challenges in operational efficiency and multi-platform administration. A comprehensive, unified, multi-cloud management solution helps remove these limitations to your successful digital transformation.


 2. How does HPE OEM work with ecosystem partners?

The HPE OEM team partners with technology and solution providers across industries to provide a complete analytics ecosystem so our customers can efficiently and effectively manage hybrid IT. When we work with OEMs, we bring along all of the work that we do across the industry with software partners. The OEM then can leverage that valuable ecosystem reducing the workload for them to develop a solution. HPE OEM helps partners to be more competitive by reducing research and development (R&D), testing, support, and operations costs while speeding your time-to-market with a complete portfolio of world-class solutions and support. We are continually refreshing our ecosystem partnerships to assure that we have the latest technology enabled on HPE infrastructure for Hybrid IT. Businesses that embed HPE OEM stand out from the competition and deliver higher value to customers. We work closely with our OEM partners to provide world-class applications “powered by HPE” in every industry. With the core elements of our strategy and partner ecosystem in place – we are ready to help you move faster, smarter to accelerate what’s next for your enterprise.


3. There must be competitors out there in the market? What value differentiator will it be for OEM vendors if they partner with HPE?

The Hybrid IT space is very diverse, and the vital thing to understand is that HPE is investing in both direct investments organically and by acquisitions where we acquire companies with the technology to be a leader in the hybrid IT space. Earlier we used to have traditional IT; public clouds came along with companies like Amazon, Microsoft Azure and so on. Nowadays it is varied as we have edge clouds, distributed, private, traditional IT public clouds. Moreover, working across these different deployments is the true definition of Hybrid IT. What HPE does better than any of our competition is that we recognize the significance of hybrid IT to the future to be a leader in the space and our portfolio is tuned and highly adapted as we focus on this. I feel it is one of the two areas we focus on, the intelligent edge being the other. We are laser-focused whether you run traditional on-premises IT or are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, hybrid IT model, we provide you with the market expertise to support your business model and what you need to succeed. We believe in helping you use technology to slash the time it takes to turn your ideas into value. 


4. One most significant challenge in today’s complex hybrid IT world?

One of the most significant challenge in today’s world is managing and working with your IT workloads. We have tools like HPE Onesphere, a simplified hybrid cloud management platform that enables customers to manage these clouds effectively, deploy apps and gain insights faster. We support them with innovative workload-optimized products and solutions that will allow you to create and manage compelling services cost-effectively. We also offer flexible finance models, tailored support and a winning partnership including joint go-to-market programs to assist your business growth. HPE OEM is uniquely positioned to be your transformation partner because of our combination of applications, data, and workloads expertise – current and new – our infrastructure innovation across types of environments - and our ability to define, implement, finance and support you across the entire spectrum of a hybrid world.

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