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How did HPE OEM help NovelSat build & scale solutions for greater value?


With industry standards for 5G cellular systems rapidly progressing and firming up, challenges related to future sharing and coexistence of spectrum are starting to take a center stage. Spectrum that used to be available for broadcast TV has now been re-licensed for 5G networks. Thus, there is reduced bandwidth for broadcast TV (over the air transmission). There is also concurrent demand for broadcasters to increase the number of broadcast channels and deliver higher density HD and UHD content. So, the need for higher quality with less spectrum means more “work” needs to be done to deliver video efficiently, i.e., better hardware, better software. The NovelSat FUSION integrated Satellite Transmission / Transcoding / TransRating Solution enables broadcasters to squeeze even more SD, HD and UHD channels into less satellite bandwidth without costly network expansions.

What is NovelSat FUSION?

Novelsat, a global player in content connectivity over satellite, introduced an advanced end-to-end live linear platform for broadcast & broadband content connectivity and delivery- NovelSat FUSION. On top of transmission efficiency, Novelsat Fusion also protects content using the advanced AES 256-bit encryption standard. It serves a variety of market needs, such as:

  1. Reduces satellite bandwidth operating costs.
  2. Frees up C-Band capacity.
  3. High scalability and flexibility.

NovelSat & HPE OEM:

Novelsat has partnered with HPE OEM and will utilize HPE ProLiant servers to power Novelsat Fusion. According to Aviv Ronai, VP Marketing and Product at Novelsat, “With the intense growth of our video business, we faced the need for a common server platform to support our various configurations and deployments. HPE ProLiant servers, which are tailored to our requirements, provide us with the flexibility and scalability we need, helping us create consistency and standardization across our solutions and streamline our operations".

"By extending HPE ProLiant servers, which offer world-leading security, high-performance, resiliency and versatility, NOVELSAT can power its platform to build and scales solutions for greater value. Supporting the rapidly growing adoption of NOVELSAT FUSION by leading broadcasters, HPE will deliver hundreds of customized HPE ProLiant servers, paving the way to a further business growth", he added.

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