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How do HPE OEM Solutions help telecom companies stay ahead of the game?


The telecom industry has come a long way over the last many years. Growing customer demands, leading to modern strategies & trends has time and again helped the sector compete with market players. However, communications service providers (CSPs) must go beyond incremental changes to create competitive differentiation to be at the top of the game. HPE OEM Solutions has helped CSPs compete more effectively in the long run, enabling sales opportunities and services to stay up to date, and thereby improving operational efficiencies within the supply chain.

Collaborating with HPE OEM Solutions allows your company to acquire HPE servers, on which its solutions are built more quickly, accelerating responsiveness to your new customer solution requests. OEM Sales opportunity provides both short and long-term product/development roadmap & also planning for eventual AI success.

By partnering with HPE OEM Solutions, you can draw on the experience and expertise that HPE has gained in the industry. One of our OEM partners, Allot, a network intelligence and security solutions provider, initially chose to manufacture its hardware. But, the company later realized that it was neither scalable nor cost-effective. Allot supplies both telecoms providers and enterprises with industry-leading network intelligence, analytics and security solutions. Armed with a second layer of network defense, these solutions help IT managers monitor and manage each application and device on their network. By working with HPE OEM Solutions and using the HPE ProLiant DL380 servers, Allot has extended its reach to more than 100GB of networks, making it the most scalable solution currently available.

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