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How do HPE OEM Solutions help the transportation industry tackle its major challenges?


Over the last few years, the transportation industry has undergone some drastic changes, thanks to the modern strategies and trends that have helped this sector to compete with market players. However, the challenges are plenty as well. Today, both individuals and businesses are expecting to get their orders faster, more flexible, and with more transparency, all at low or no delivery cost. To tackle such issues, HPE OEM solutions bring opportunities and services to stay up to date.

In recent years, we have witnessed rising transportation costs, through a combination of fluctuating fuel prices, high government taxation and diminishing workforce capacity. Consumers are demanding more connected vehicles and faster and more reliable deliveries at lower prices. OEMs not only integrate digital services into their vehicles at a mass-market price, but also need new technologies to increase the traceability and predictability of their distribution network.

HPE OEM provides sales opportunities and emerging technologies that can cut costs. It helps OEMs to be more competitive by R&D, testing, and operational costs while speeding time-to-market with a broad portfolio of world-class solutions and support. These OEM solutions optimize costs, improve transportation operation efficiencies within the supply chain and, in some cases, provide capabilities that address emission control.

Making use of new intelligent technologies, such as data analytics, automation and the IoT, is paramount for future success. With the transport industry facing multiple challenges and transformative disruptions, OEMs in this sector are at a crossroads, and HPE OEM Solutions can help.


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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