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How does Artificial intelligence impact the concept of precision medicine?


In the last few years, complex health conditions of patients and rising medical costs have created an opening for technology to optimize the constrained resources and improve patients' care. One of the most significant technological trends today is Artificial intelligence (AI) which plays a pivotal role in making healthcare advancements possible. In this blog, we will specifically focus on AI's impact on precision medicine- a relatively new term in the healthcare industry, although the concept has been around for many years.

So, what is precision medicine? By definition, "Precision medicine is an approach to patient care that allows doctors to select treatments that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease". In other words, it can also be termed as personalized medicine for patients, looking for individualized approaches for treatments. However, precision medicine may remain incomplete without AI- here's how!

Precision medicine requires computing power algorithms that can learn by themselves at an unprecedented rate. With AI, this becomes possible, taking precision medicine to a whole new level. This, eventually, provides more accuracy and prediction of the patients' health. The diagnosis happens more strategically with a better and more advanced plan of action for treatment. AI also helps to predict if the disease will relapse in future, which helps the medical professionals to have a better understanding of the patient's existing health condition and also know what to look for before a disease is showing symptoms.

Today, AI, machine learning and deep learning are no longer future technologies; they’ve already found traction in the medical field. At a time when the medical industry is undergoing drastic changes, these brilliant technological trends are bringing in the change to improve all aspects of patient care and enhanced clinical collaboration. At HPE, the OEM team has been consistent in driving innovation and Machine Learning that has opened up an accelerated path to stay ahead of the competition and further enhance the value of your solutions.

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