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How does HPE OEM Solutions pioneer IoT & accelerate businesses towards smarter manufacturing?

Building a business is more than just hard work. Success is often defined how quickly a business can deploy new resources, increase efficiency and simplify management. Hence, this is when HPE OEM solutions plays a major role in transforming innovation into enduring success. HPE OEM Solutions enable innovative businesses of all types and sizes to harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technology. Below are two of the best examples of how HPE OEM has helped its manufacturing partners address issues across server and data storage platforms, focus on their core competencies, eventually leading them towards the path of success.


ABB and HPE OEM: Pioneering the Industrial Internet of Things

ABB is a global leader in providing industrial control and automation solutions to diverse industries such as life sciences, food and beverage, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, and others. The company has software solutions that are dependent on good quality and cost-effective server solutions. These solutions are very often mission-critical. ABB is working closely with HPE to provide its customers with solutions that generate actionable insights from vast amounts of industrial data to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their operations and create a competitive advantage.

ABB's partnership with HPE OEM combines the former's operational technology (OT) expertise with HPE’s information technology (IT) know-how and applies it in industrial IoT environments. “This strategic partnership marks the next level of the digital industrial transformation. Together, we bring intelligence from cloud-based solutions to on-premises deployments in industrial plants and data centers for greater uptime, speed, and yield,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. To know more about this partnership, watch the video below:



HPE OEM Solutions: Accelerate Towards Smarter Manufacturing

Manufacturing data is growing at twice the rate of other sectors. Industrial innovators are racing to deliver next-generation solutions to help manufacturing customers accelerate production and keep revenues flowing. But turning the huge volumes of data into the real-time intelligence that smart manufacturing demands, requires more than just general-purpose technologies & in today's hyper-connected manufacturing ecosystem, success depends on finding the right partners.

HPE has long been a powerful partner for OEMs in the manufacturing industry. This is why GE Digital partnered with HPE OEM to deliver its world-first industrial cloud platform. ABB worked with HPE on longer life-cycle servers for its industrial control systems and reduced disruptions from manufacturing customers worldwide. HPE is now ready with enterprise-class edge-to-cloud technologies to help you bring your ideas to market faster. Ruggedized factory for ready HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems brings the power and connectivity to run advanced analytics at the network’s edge. To deliver smart manufacturing solutions like productive maintenance and line optimization, HPE ProLiant systems, the world's most secure industry-standard servers run more than a million lines of firmware code before the operating system starts to keep malware and compromised code out of manufacturing processes. Our HPE OEM Solutions experts work with you to future-proof and tailor your solutions to meet your customers' needs and to leverage global HPE resources and 24/7 support that help you serve your customers wherever they are.



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