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How does HPE Synergy composable infrastructure help partners attain greater agility & efficiency?


Today's emerging technologies are gradually changing the way the medical sector works. The widespread adoption of these new technologies has improved the way the healthcare industry deals with severe medical conditions. However, medical staffs quite often face obstacles while treating more patients, and even struggle to provide them with smart facilities & services. That's not just it, the sector also needs to attain greater agility and efficiency to support the growing clinical demands with limited IT resources. The HPE Synergy composable infrastructure platform has helped healthcare organizations like Elbe Kliniken to achieve higher performance, agility, and efficiency.

Elbe Kliniken wanted a technology that would help them manage their IT infrastructure efficiently with limited resources. By implementing the HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, Elbe Clinics was able to accelerate IT responsiveness to the needs of clinicians and their patients. According to Dr. Armin Ortlam, Head of IT, Elbe Kliniken Stade-Buxtehude, “We’ve automated quite a bit with HPE Synergy. We built the entire VMware® environment and can now provision servers automatically. This allows us to respond to the needs of the clinics much more quickly and easily".

The composable infrastructure will be fully virtualized with VMware and run an extensive Citrix farm serving administrative and clinical staff with applications such as AGFA Orbis, Oracle, and Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. To promptly address any hardware issues to keep critical services available for staff, the Elbe Clinics rely on HPE Foundation Care from HPE Pointnext Services. This provides 10X faster Citrix logins on HPE Synergy, gradually improving the end-user experience and reducing storage from two racks to a half rack, saving cost, power, and cooling.

By adopting HPE Synergy, Dr. Ortlam believes that this move will position the Elbe Clinics to handle ongoing growth of digitalized medical data, and enable IT to respond with speed and efficiency to the needs of clinicians and their patients. “We now have a modern, software-defined approach to delivering IT services on a very stable platform that will support the mission of the Elbe Clinics for years to come", he said.

HPE Synergy has been thoroughly designed to compose and recompose assets in a matter of minutes—enabling new levels of speed and efficiency. With Synergy, we can virtualize the OEM applications and also the delivery of the GPUs to the applications. “We always make a big deal of healthcare digitization. But sometimes, when the IT systems slow down, it leads to frustration. It affects the workflow. The point is when you deploy a new electronic patient record system, OEMs require the infrastructure to be able to run the systems as fast as possible. So, the clinical teams aren't waiting any longer for the applications to respond. Using Synergy, we can actually virtualize the OEM applications and also the delivery of the GPUs to the applications. They virtualize the infrastructure and leverage the desktops using Synergy and Citrix, deliver it to the desktop on a cheaper basis”, claims Rich Bird, World Wide Industry Marketing Manager for Healthcare & Life sciences, HPE.

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