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How does HPE's new CEI program educate partners on edge computing market opportunity?


How does HPE's new CEI program educate partners on edge computing market opportunity?

Today, HPE resellers and OEM partners are challenged to define viable business cases for the emerging Edge/IoT industry. Lack of skills, experience, and best practices, both of their own workforce and the Edge/IoT industry ecosystem. HPE's new Channel-to-Edge Institute (CEI) program helps its channel partners establish the enterprise to effectively recommend, sell, implement, and manage its offerings along with their Edge/IoT solutions. The CEI also provides training on Intelligent Edge use cases and business cases and deploys joint go-to-market programs with HPE’s channel and ecosystem partners.

According to Dr. Tom Bradicich, HPE Fellow & global head of IoT and Edge Center of Excellence and Labs, “This is an institute of advanced learning on how to capture the edge opportunity. This is going to be very prescriptive. We were a pioneer in the idea of doing deep high-performance computing at the edge when everyone was advocating a sensor-to-cloud architecture. We pioneered the convergence of enterprise-class IT with OT in the same box".

The three key program components of CEI are as follows:

  1. Use cases: Training on how HPE's and ecosystem partners' Intelligent Edge offerings are used today and in the future. Channel partners receive exclusive insights into edge products/solutions and production deployments across industries and geographies.
  2. Business cases: Training on how to create and analyze business outcomes and ROI for both partners and customers with direct customer C-level executives (CFO, LOB).
  3. Briefcases: Joint go-to-market programs, sales enablement and collateral, including HPE, HPE's ecosystem partners, and other channel partners.

With the help of this key program components CEI will accelerate the way of educating OEM partners in the usage of their Edge/IoT solutions. Read more about the announcement here.

Audrey Cox
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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