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How does HPE's new hybrid cloud data protection improve backup performance?

How does HPE's new hybrid cloud data protection improve backup performance?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)'s new hybrid cloud data protection and copy data management solutions for its intelligent storage portfolio allow customers to increase operational efficiency by up to 95%, thereby enabling faster back up to the cloud, and reducing cloud storage costs by up to 20x2.

“Businesses need a built-for-cloud approach to data protection and copy data management on premises and in the cloud for simple and efficient data mobility,” said Patrick Osborne, Vice President of Secondary Storage and Big Data product management, HPE. This solution enable HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage customers to effortlessly orchestrate intelligent, multi-tiered data protection from on premises arrays to the public cloud – driven by policy and business need.

An increasing number of organizations are now deploying a cloud-first strategy, mandating that their IT functions are built for cloud, HPE StoreOnce systems deliver simple, cost-efficient and secure backup to the cloud. As a result, customers can leverage the benefits of the cloud for long-term retention of backup data to help with regulatory or governance compliance or disaster recovery, while continuing to use on-premises performance-optimized StoreOnce systems for short-term operational recovery, enabling fast restore.

Next-generation HPE StoreOnce with Cloud Bank Storage dramatically improves the performance and agility of hybrid cloud data protection for environments including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure by copying only unique data to the cloud, and stores encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery. The next generation HPE StoreOnce platform reduces operational time by as much as 95% with an unified view of multiple HPE StoreOnce systems - both on premises and in the cloud.

Today, the modern enterprise IT infrastructure operates on-premises and across multiple public and private clouds used in conjunction. Backed by more cloud power, enterprising OEMs are primed to deploy more applications with speed and ease than ever before. But when IT lacks the visibility to effectively manage the hybrid cloud ecosystem, the results can cost you resources, revenue, and customers. That’s where HPE OEM Solutions can help. By implementing Hybrid IT environments that are simpler to manage, improve productivity, and enhance agility, HPE OEM services like HPE OneSphere and HPE GreenLake create consumption-based IT infrastructures that deliver consistent results across any cloud and any datacenter.


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