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How does the HPE partnership with Dragos empower customers to secure their networks?


As industrial machines, equipment and systems grow more interconnected with the IT network and the broader internet, global manufacturers and energy companies must be just as mindful of cyberattacks on the factory floor as in the back office.

Digital transformation opens up new possibilities in how industrial organizations maintain and run their operational technology (OT), increasing exposure to common IT cyber threats like ransomware and more sophisticated, targeted intrusions in OT environments.

And while the threats are similar, the consequences of these attacks are not. OT systems are typically at the heart of the most critical processes that industrial organizations run. They also use different technology than IT systems, thus requiring a different approach to monitor and secure them.

Mindful of a growing gap in the market for OT cybersecurity specialization, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) continues to strengthen its partnership with Dragos, a global leader in industrial cybersecurity. Not only is HPE investing in Dragos, but our experts are now also collaborating to tie our technologies together. For example, HPE has recently worked with Dragos to provide the computing platform for Dragos’s OT cybersecurity monitoring solutions.

More about the Dragos & HPE partnership:

Companies receive an unparalleled level of near real-time situational awareness and OT monitoring capabilities through the Dragos Platform. This unique form of visibility helps organizations prepare for, detect, and respond to potential threats to their OT before it threatens critical processes.

Dragos’s solutions help enhance HPE’s offerings, providing better intelligence, detection, and faster responses to threats at the network edge where OT and IT often converge. This valuable monitoring information from sensors across industrial environments must be collected and processed with efficient and reliable hardware. HPE is now bringing this to the table for Dragos.

This collaboration is a powerful combination for customers in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries.

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Thanks to Blake Bisson (Partner Marketing at Dragos, Inc.) and the Dragos team for providing valuable material for this blog.

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