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How is Blockchain technology changing the way industries work?


Today's advanced technologies are revolutionizing businesses across the globe. One such exponential technology that is currently making a mark in the way businesses function is blockchain. Although the widespread emergence of this technology has yet to spread quickly, experts claim that blockchain could be the next big platform to drive enterprise digital transformation. Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve business processes and make a huge impact on our digital lives and future.

Blockchain is changing the face of entire industries — and HPE has the compute power, expertise, and partners to enable it at enterprise scale. Let's say, for example, the medical industry that is undergoing drastic changes, while healthcare OEMs look forward to the growing technological trends to improve all aspects of patient care and enhanced clinical collaboration. Blockchain plays significant roles in the evolution of the healthcare industry as OEMs play a pivotal role in making the advancements possible.

People across the world have been living with complex health conditions for long periods of time, and costly healthcare has made patients' lives worse. This has, thereby, created an opening for technology to optimize the constrained resources we already have and improve care now, as well as support clinicians. Hence, moving forward, we expect to see how Blockchain feature prominently as innovation pervades the healthcare space, with OEMs such as HPE providing the foundation.

Blockchain also eliminates third-party intermediaries, thereby enabling business-to-business transactions. Hence, no party has to bear overhead costs, which automatically reduces transaction costs. As the driving force behind recent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is a secure, distributed consensus ledger that establishes enhanced levels of trust to ensure proper value exchange. As a result, blockchain can serve as a transactional record that’s updated, authenticated, and verified with each new addition.

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