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How is HPE Synergy shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure?


Widespread adoption of emerging technologies is changing the way medicine works, however, future-proofing hospitals still remains a concern. Healthcare providers very often face the challenge to cope with more patients, adapt to new technologies and provide smart facilities & services. To meet this top-of-mind concern, healthcare providers and payers need modern systems. They require robust infrastructure solutions to improve efficiency & help the clinicians advance the quality of patient care. With HPE's ultimate infrastructure solution, HPE Synergy, healthcare leaders can deliver a superior Virtual Client Compute experience that allows medical providers to enjoy higher availability of GPU intensive applications. 

Healthcare providers can now access the ultimate flexibility to maintain a variety of workloads on a single platform, as well as scale to meet greater demand during seasons of increased usage. HPE Synergy has been thoroughly designed to compose and recompose assets in a matter of minutes—enabling new levels of speed and efficiency.

Synergy provides a foundation of innovative security features that goes beyond perimeter protection—arming your systems to prevent, detect, and recover from threats. You can enjoy a seamless, consistent experience across devices, even as caregivers move to different rooms within a facility. With Synergy, we can virtualize the OEM applications and also the delivery of the GPUs to the applications. “We always make a big deal of healthcare digitization. But sometimes, when the IT systems slow down, it leads to frustration. It affects the workflow. The point is when you deploy a new electronic patient record system, OEMs require the infrastructure to be able to run the systems as fast as possible. So, the clinical teams aren't waiting any longer for the applications to respond. Using Synergy, we can actually virtualize the OEM applications and also the delivery of the GPUs to the applications. They virtualize the infrastructure and leverage the desktops using Synergy and Citrix, deliver it to the desktop on a cheaper basis”, said Rich Bird, World Wide Industry Marketing Manager for Healthcare & Life sciences, HPE.

Your healthcare customers need an infrastructure that is flexible enough to maintain a variety of workloads and scale with the seasons of increased usage. Moving to composable architecture can provide healthcare leaders with the ultimate flexibility to allocate a variety of workloads on a single platform and recompose those assets in minutes. Together with a streamlined management interface, healthcare providers can now also enjoy a greatly simplified management experience.

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