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How is Machine Learning reshaping the future of the education sector?



It’s time we look at real-world Machine Learning capabilities and tap into its limitless potential. Machine Learning has already become a game-changer in various development sectors, and now it is profoundly changing the educational landscape as well. Machine-based learning systems can bring in significant improvements in the education sector, thereby shaping and revolutionizing it for a better tomorrow. 

Today's learning systems have transformed drastically, moving away from traditional methods. Machine learning has introduced digital books and adaptive learning that has led to a more customizable learning experience for the students, helping children to learn better as teachers can now get access to data about what the students are actually consuming. It provides a better understanding and transparency for the teachers to understand how well the students are coping with the concepts and learning procedures that are being taught to them in the class.

Machine learning algorithms have given way to predictive learning paths, allowing students to adapt to and consume information. This helps the learner to move ahead only after they have completely grasped the previous content and has mastered the subject matter. Hence, no student is overlooked or left behind in the study race.

Machine Learning has indeed opened us up to a new world of education by reflecting a more complex reality of the learning system. It has also led us to incredible possibilities, giving us the hope to reshape the future education sector for the betterment of both students and teachers. At HPE, the OEM teams have been consistent in driving innovation and Machine Learning that has opened up an accelerated path to stay ahead of the competition and further enhance the value of your solutions.

One of HPE’s significant education OEM partners, Superloop's CyberHound, aims to help schools seamlessly secure their networks from rapidly expanding threat vectors from BYO Devices and malicious threats. By partnering with the HPE OEM program, Superloop's CyberHound now delivers their high performance and scalable cybersecurity appliances to K-12 schools. CyberHound's category web filtering technology leverages machine learning to maintain access and acceptable use policies in real time. The HPE OEM program enables Superloop's CyberHound to maintain simplicity and consistency while delivering solutions for schools with limited IT resources. 

Watch the video below, featuring Superloop's CyberHound CEO John Fison, to learn more:

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