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Re: How is technology redefining the future of the healthcare industry?

The technological advancements in the global healthcare industry are hurtling at light speed. Widespread technology adoption is changing how medicine works. At a time when the medical industry is undergoing drastic changes, healthcare OEMs look forward to the growing technological trends to improve all aspects of patient care and enhanced clinical collaboration.

Technology is enabling breakthroughs such as faster, more insightful image analysis and seamless sharing of data across organizations, setting the stage for a new, better model of healthcare. Today, hospitals are moving away from having stand-alone devices, towards having a network of technologies connected by a computing and communication network. This transition has benefitted patients and clinicians by improving workflow efficiency and healthcare outcomes. For example, digital technologies are eliminating data scarcity, and thereby reshaping how clinicians interact with patient records. Rather than having physicians convene in a single location to view a physical copy of a scan, hospitals digitize images and send them to the appropriate experts for remote viewing, hence hospital teams can make better, faster decisions that improve health outcomes.

HPE OEM solutions understands the changing needs and trends of healthcare IT, ensuring better outcomes. Today, doctors, nurses, and patients are witnessing more involvement with medical care, less non-medical overhead, and better health results. The end benefits to patients have become faster, more effective and less stressful. HPE OEM has been working towards providing improved medical care as technology gets integrated into processes, patient records, and diagnostics. HPE has, in fact, transformed outpatient care and digitally empowered patients, enabling them to manage their own conditions. This has brought significant benefits for patients, giving them more control over their ability to self-direct their care.


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We need to be delivering services that provide integrated, cost-effective, patient-centric healthcare that increases clinical and operational efficiency, improves clinical outcomes and enhances the experience for clinicians and patients. This year, my team and I will be representing the healthcare segment at the upcoming Discover 2019 Las Vegas event, showcasing key healthcare themes like digitization, Next Gen life sciences, and future hospitals. To know more about Discover 2019 Las Vegas, click here. Register here now to attend the Discover event.


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Rich Bird has worked in the IT industry for 20 years with some of the largest commercial brands. For the last 5 years he’s been focused on healthcare IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and believes deeply that digital technologies can, will and need to have an impact on the delivery of better healthcare, for people all over the world. Educated in Computer Science at Coventry University, and starting his career as a network engineer for Rolls Royce, he moved into human communications roles in 2006. Rich leads teams in delivering integrated marketing campaigns into National, local and regional Governments in the UK, where Rich found his passion for making the complex concepts of IT, simple and understandable for his audience. During this time he found his true calling, Healthcare, and how digitization can improve real people lives. He created a companywide growth board focusing on the UK NHS, pulling together disparate teams of sales, marketing, solutions architects, chief technologists and the country leadership teams for HP/HPE UK. Rich is a strategic thinker who understands the practical elements that are required to get the job done and deliver real impact. His areas of specialization include Healthcare IT, Marketing, Communications, and NLP.


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